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  1. Considering how badly we need them, and how over worked and badly done by they feel, I'm not surprised
  2. A bit nit-picking. The economy is in a mess whichever way you look at it. And the public mood is pretty p***** off all round.
  3. I'm still not allowed to visit a pensioner in hosptal, in spite of both of us having been double jabbed, both having covid, and both having had booster. Very distressing.
  4. Unfortunately I couldn't get the sound on so don't know what was being said.
  5. I'm not blaming you for Corbyn's losing the last election, but for not caring that the media (or more accurately those behind the media) were allowed to dictate who won the last election. And it will be the same for any candidate who the media disapproves off. The media is hugely influential, it's virtually impossible to not be influenced by it. And they will see to it that any candidate that intends to support the people rather than the elite will be castigated as 'left wing' 'dangerous' even 'communist' etc. It's how the elite keep the power in their in their domain. Yet it's the Socialists who support the ordinary people and who have fought for the rights and benefits they enjoy. But which the Tories have been dismantling for the last decade under the guise of privatisation and 'Austerity.'
  6. And there we have it. The reason we have the most dishonest, incompetent, sleezy Prime minister ever.
  7. The media didn't need to be, They were too busy slaughtering Jeremy Corbyn at the time. In terms of media bias, it was the most one sided election ever.
  8. We need more small independent shops sellinginteresting things rather than the big chain stores. Chapel walk is the ideal location for a start.
  9. I saw absolutely no love or even an attempt at understanding in that post. Just contempt. I hope the author never finds himself in such dire straights. He undoubtedly thinks himself immune to such misfortune. I expect some of them once did too.
  10. That's a pretty unpleasant generalisation and rant about unfortunate people.
  11. Is this a foreign language? I have no idea what any of it means. That's the trouble with tech these days. I'm old. I can only just about manage the on/ off button...
  12. I'm fed up of TV fullstop. With the odd exception there's nothing but rubbish and more repeats of rubbish.
  13. Not bothered about her resigning. It will only cost Sheffield more with severance pay, finding somebody else etc. I'd just like to see her earn her £200,000 salary. If we sack all the people who have attended these parties there'll be nobody left in Parliament. On the other hand, maybe that's a very good idea.....
  14. I don't know what the answer is. I don't blame people for not voting but it's all we've got. Maybe that's what's wrong. Our poncy style of government is antiquated and beset with archaic 'traditions' that foster a sense of undeserved entitlement and privilege. Does the House of Commons look like a suitable place of work for the 21st century? Have you seen the poor attendance at your average debate, with just a handful of MPs? It's pretty disgraceful. Let's shut it down, and keep it as a museum. Meanwhile build a decent up to date parliament building with the kind of built in tech other countries have, that can move swiftly to meet the challenges of the modern world. Let's have full time MPs who are obliged to come from the areas they represent, with no second jobs other than perhaps an annual period of secondment into a real place of employment where they can mix with the workforce and experience work as it is really lived, or just live in a community different to their own background to enhance their understanding and increase their perspective. Finally, do away with the 'House of Lords' and have a second house of chosen and elected representatives who can do their job, and maybe includes a balance of some 'ordinary' people who work at the coal face; teachers, nurses, policemen, solicitors, etc. Just ideas, I'm sure other people will add their own, but let's get the kind of leadership we need and deserve.
  15. Well if Ms Joseph's been in place for a year now, I can't say I've noticed. What's she been doing to earn her exhorbitant £200,000 salary?
  16. Didn't we vote for a new style of (cooperative) council at the last election with the Lib Dems in charge? How's that working out?
  17. Which is why I worry about Cyber attacks, which are already happening. Future wars will be cyber wars, which will devastate lives, but keep expensive real estate intact. All our Utilities and infrastructures are controlled by computers. When they go, we go. It will also be a useful way of keeping control of the population. - Do as you're told or Computer says no.... We are walking into yet another nightmare scenario.
  18. I'm sure they're lovely kids. But do you know what provision they are receiving in class, or the quality of that provision?
  19. I think the fact that there is no one decent to replace him, is what is keeping Boris in power. It certainly isn't his ability as leader.
  20. I take it you've never worked in a school. They are the bane of teachers' lives, causing no end of problems. They're expensive. What about when it gets lost, stolen or broken? Kids aren't always the most responsible of people because they're kids, behaving as kids do. Teachers cannot take responsibility for their phones all the time. You seem to think it's OK to contact them whenever you want to - Is it OK to interupt the kids' lessons with your phone call? Remember if one is allowed to take phone calls, they will all want to do so, that'll be fun in a class of 30 kids. And I'm sure your kids can inform you 'about how they feel' after school, at home. Is it really necessary to be in contact 24 hours a day. What about teaching a little independence, and learning how to deal with problems themselves, (or with the teacher acting in loco parentis.) Bearing in mind that schools use interactive white boards and computer technology to enhance lessons all the time and therefore have no wish to block signals, what actual ways do you suggest to restrict access, other than taking them off pupils, (which has its own problems, especially when moving classrooms between every lessons. Very time consuming) If they have them on their person during lessons, I promise you some kids will use them, texting under the desk, watching tiktok etc. even when forbidden. As I said earlier, some kids are addicted to them, and will physically fight (a teacher) to keep them even when caught, it's the nature of addiction. So, what are the 'tons of ways to restrict access' while still being able to contact them whenever you like?
  21. According Professor Susan Fielding, Neurologist, use of the internet and mobile phones is actually changing the way kid's brains are hard wired. She likens this to evolutionary change, but worries that it is not based on natural environmentmental change and can therefore possibly be harmful to still developing brains making them more prone to things like addiction. It has also cut concentration span (in Japan children's attention span is down to 20 minutes at most, and therefore that is the length of average lessons in Japanese schools.) They also no longer have the concentration or memory to read full length books, hence the rise of the shortened 'Graphic novel.' We are all becoming accustomed to relying on computers in our everyday life, but soon youngsters will be physically unable to do without them.
  22. The BBC also said that there is now a 'Lockdown Industry making money out of lockdowns, and they therefore have a vested interest in keeping the Pandemic going. That, from the BBC itself, takes some beating. I suggest anyone who is still of the opinion that we are in the grip of a life threatening covid pandemic needs to chill. You are being played. You'll be believing our Boris next....
  23. There was a move back in the 80's I think, to close down the special schools and integrate the childreninto mainstream, with support. A very laudable ambition that looks terribly good on paper, but turned out to be disastrous as the all- important 'support' simply wasn't there or wasn't good enough. It requires highly trained specialist teachers to do the job properly, but they are expensive and in short supply, so it simply doesn't happen. As far as I know it's been like that ever since in most schools.
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