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  1. There's a world of difference between Jack Monroe who was living on toast and tea at one time as that was all she could afford, offering advice, and a Tory toff with a handsome salary and even more handsome Expenses account who has probably never shopped in a supermarket, hectoring the poor.... On 'Any Answers' (Radio 4 Saturday) a lady who runs a food bank was talking about the differing circumstances of the people she helps and how this guy has no idea. She deals with people who are living in someone's garden shed, or living in a car or hostels and 'hotels' where there are no cooking facilities, as well as those who have had their gas and electric cut off, or have mental health problems. They are in serious distress, and the MP's comments were an insult.
  2. I have to disagree. Thatcher is arguably best known for her fight with the Miners, to put a statue back to back with Thatcher of a miner, a.) Would maybe get people asking why? (Not everyone will be familiar with the story) and b.) an explanatory plaque could be put on the plinth giving the answer.
  3. Does anyone remember the bartering system we had in Sheffield many years ago? I believe it was called 'Stones,' and was very popular during the hard times of the miners' strike and the redundancies following the closure of the steelworks when money was very short. As I remember it you could apply to have your skills put on a register which were then offered to other Sheffielders, and which earned you credits (or 'stones') that you in turn could use to buy in other services also on the register that you might need. For example, someone might offer an afternoon of gardening in exchange for stones, which could then be swapped and used to 'pay' for say, sewing or putting together flat-pack furniture. I don't know who organised it, but bearing in mind the hard times that are just around the corner, I wondered if a revival of this sort of system might be helpful to people. Does anyone remember it, and what do you think?
  4. Margaret Thatcher was an exceptional woman in anybody's book. The fact that she was a contraversial figure, (and I for one totally disagreed with her politics) shouldn't disbar her from having a statue, there are few enough of those, honouring remarkable women in Britain. But I'm not surprised it has stirred up some very strong feelings amongst the population. However here is a lowborn woman who made it right to the top in a man's world, mostly through her own merit, and made a real diference, (whether you liked that difference or not.) That in itself is an achievement. She deserves to be remembered, and I'm sure will continue to be the subject of much argument and debate for many years to come. How about a statue of a miner, steelworker or Union leader to stand alongside her?
  5. Aldi selling large individual baking potatoes for 19p each (up from 15p) but add a topping and still a cheap meal.
  6. I read somewhere they've already cracked it albeit on a very small scale. The problem is the low temperatures it needs to work. I understand that's what they're working on. Personally. I believe it will be with us within the next 50 years.
  7. I'm afraid I couldn't access your link, which I'm sure I would have found interesting. That said, I'm all for shooting it out into space on a trajectory that misses any objects or masses for a few light years. By that time the radioactive contents will have decayed and become harmless. Better still let's put a bit more effort/resources into developing nuclear fusion.
  8. The problem with a lot of big time fraud and corruption is it's so complex to unravel, and it often takes specific persons with exceptional knowledge of the intricacies of the tax systems, accountancy, IT etc to do it. I doubt very much whether we have many such persons capable of doing it within the police force or indeed any other organisation. It's also very time consuming and expensive. Which is why so many get away with it. Crooks don't need to rob banks anymore to make a £million. They can do it online without leaving a trace....
  9. I agree, but no doubt the usual suspects will be along in a moment, trying to justify it, and accusing us of 'the politics of envy' etc etc..... They just don't get it do they?
  10. Oh dear, poor you. It might be boring you dear, but it doesn't make it any less true....
  11. So tell me, exactly how many pints of Lager did this couple have? Did they pay for it themselves? How long did they stay in the pub. How often do they go in the pub? Is it cheaper than paying for heating. Do they suffer from depression.... Etc Etc Did you monitor them? If you're so convinced they're fraudulent why didn't you report them?
  12. Mixed methods og generation are undoubtedly best. Relying on one source is probably not a good idea, I just think Nuclear should be part of the mix.
  13. I have to visit the dentist every 3months for medical reasons. I'm on 3 NHS waiting lists, but still waiting, so have to use Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, (which is excellent.) They keep asking me why I don't have my own dentist. I keep telling them about the waiting lists. The last time I went the Consultant apparently didn't believe me, and started ringing round dental practices for me, pulling the 'I am a Consutant...' card. It didn't work and she got no joy. What surprised me was the fact that she didn't seem to know there was this crisis within the NHS. How can a working Dental Consultant in the business not know there's this huge problem?
  14. We all need power. It's a prerequisite of a modern world. But we also need to protect the planet. Wouldn't it be great if we had a way of generating cheap, clean energy for all? Well we already have it with Nuclear Power. Clean, cheap energy. What amazes me is we live in a country sitting on numerous ageing nuclear bombs in secret silos, but avoid building safe nuclear power stations because they come with a slight risk, which can be reduced with location, safety measures and careful monitoring. Do we prefer people superglueing themselves to the highway?
  15. However of course you don't see the hundreds of people who don't go down the pub showing off, they're sat at home worrying about how they're going to manage when they no longer qualify for the foodbank...
  16. This is true, and has been mentioned many times on this sort of thread, but People with their own agenda chose to ignore it over and over again. Food banks are not a free for all, and are carefully monitored to make sure that people who use them are genuinely in need. The numbers are rising. A recent government survey (on Peston last night,) said that currently 20% of NHS workers are having to use foodbanks. Remember that figure does not include care workers who work in care homes and do home visits, they do not work in the NHS, and have even less security.
  17. George lll is now thought to have been suffering with Porphyria, hence the blue urine. Urine and bladder infections can have strange effects on the brain apparently. He was extremely worried about his son, (who became Prince Regent and then George lV,) and his ability to rule. George lV was indeed known for his extravagance. He loved pageantry, and was responsible for many of the ceremonial rituals and traditions of monarchy that we still maintain to this day.
  18. I suggest someone gives him £2.10p and let him try.
  19. Thatcher and Regan brought in 'Free Market Economics back in the 80's. We saw the immediate upside for some. Remember the 'Yuppies' making millions on the newly deregulated money markets and stock exchange? Remember the 'tell Sid' adverts as our utilities were sold off making us all potential shareholders? Council houses being sold off to tenants? The boom in designer clothes and goods that we were all supposed to aspire to? All this at the expense of the 'old fashioned' manufacturing and heavy industries like mining and steel production which was outsourced making hundreds of thousands unemployed, but marketed as a battle between the unions and 'who runs the country?' as we put all our eggs in one basket - the money markets and tech. Well now the pigions are coming home to roost as a direct long term consequence of these moves. Deregulated money markets led to corruption and the banking crash of 2008 which affected everyone. We lost control of our Utilities which were lost to overseas investors, leading to Putin (and others) with his bloody gas pipe line able to blackmail us. Council houses were sold off and not replaced, hence our housing crisis, buy-to-let, and astronomical rents. Designer goods made us immune to massive price rises, which was termed as 'growth' but only benefitted the manufacturers and they weren't us. The unemployed in the North never recovered as most of the new tech jobs were in the south east. The North became poorer and another country. Unions became a dirty word, so workers rights were trampled on and we were supposed to embrace a 'gig economy' which really meant insecurity and poor wages, so a rise in the cost of living is devastating. Too much money in the system, but in too few hands has led to a major imbalance which will not be put right by any neoliberal government. That's includes both Conservative and Starmer's Labour, so no one willing to stop what is happening. So yes, it's going to get worse. A lot worse....
  20. Yes. I understood that they were. A friend has just had to replace his for an MOT.
  21. No but taxing people with more money than sense is the best and fairest way to redistribute money, which can then be used by governments to do what's necessary. It's called the trickle down effect, and it's gone sadly awry over the last 20 years as the Corporate world has got away with murder.
  22. Not yet they're not, but this is only the beginning of the rout. Poverty is due to climb exponentially up the social scale. As good jobs diappear at an ever increasing rate replaced by automation and outsourcing, (and that includes white collar jobs you wouldn't expect like law, pilots and underwriters,) The jobs that replace them are likely to be low paid, short term and undesirable. In the USA they've calculated that 46% of current jobs are at risk, and many more are likely to be automated in the future, and don't forget that people working from home should remember that if their job can be done from home, it can be done from India at a fraction of the cost. That's what Globalisation means. we've lost our ability to manufacture at competitive prices, and our salaries mean that outsourcing is inevitable. The rising cost of living means any reduction in real wages in orderto compete is going to be a race to the bottom. Inflation will do the rest. People in full time work are already having to use foodbanks to survive. Who would have thought 10 years ago that that would be the case in modern Britain?
  23. Is it snobbery? The world is awash with problems that money could solve at a stroke, and yet some people have so much of it they have to waste it on stuff like this. Let's encourage them to spend it on things that matter and could make a massive difference.
  24. There have been documentaries on it, which have been damming. There's also an excellent BBC film, 'Life and Death in the Warehouse' available on iplayer. Which brings me to my point. If these documentaries are true, why are we not doing something about the working conditions which must involve thousands? They are portrayed as brainwashing and slave labour. Is that what it's really like? The buildings are popping up all over the place, yet I've never met or talked to anyone who's admitted to working in one.
  25. I have every respect for the Queen, she has earned it with 70+ years of diligent duty. The rest of the Royal family are a different kettle of fish. Your comments such as 'Andrew hasn't been found guilty etc..' is exactly the reason the why we should call it a day where the monarchy is concerned. Hiding behind wealth and privilege is not acceptable which is exactly what Andrew has done. I have nothing against Charles, but any system which means he could not marry the woman he loved in the first place because she was not a virgin is flawed wouldn't you say? And antiquated. These people are human but expected to set themselves up as gods. They can continue as a pretty, rather quaint tourist attraction if they wish, as long as we're not paying exorbitant funds to keep them there. Times have changed. More and more problems are going to arise where conflicts between religion, power and state are concerned, and questions are going to be asked, (akin to the current problems with slavery, and their tour of the Caribbean) which will undermine their position. They are making it harder for us as a nation to hold the moral authority. It's time for them to go, and for us to modernise and become a functioning (and fair) nation, not some Ruritanian backwater.
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