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  1. I agree money is being wasted and needs to be spent more wisely, but l still think we need a British Broadcasting Corporation for all sorts of reasons. It's about more than entertainment and more than profits which is all that commercial TV cares about. The original Lord Reith agenda; to inform, educate, and entertain, is still an excellent standard to aspire to, sadly lacking when bums on seats are all that counts.
  2. I really don't think getting g yet another expensive stately pile for the PM is going to improve the Economy one bit.
  3. More regal? Are you joking? You mean like Chequers? The PM's stately home in the country, with it's multiple bedrooms, orangery, swimming pool, fine dining and golfing greens.
  4. It's not all about lockdown. We are still suffering from the 2008 crash which was a direct result of Neoliberalism, and the 'Free Market Economy' which had gone into overdrive and is still with us, just more so. Thanks to deregulation of the banking industry and consequently some very dodgy (some would say fraudulent) dealings, they were able to make fortunes, millions of which passed into the hands of the already super rich. (taxes are only for the little people, and make no mistake, the UK is one of the most noted tax havens in the world.) The bankers got off scott free having made their millions, and continue to do so, and everyone else was left to pay the price, especially the poorest. Add in the pandemic (which also made the rich richer,) and there are now more poor people than ever, and many more on the cusp of falling into poverty, as it creeps ever higher up the social scale. But the rich and powerful 1% sale on into ever greater riches so why worry as long as they're alright, and they make the rules don't they to keep it that way. Just befuddle the public with endless propaganda and bullsh** to keep them in the dark and they won't cotton on. They're a bit thick after all. What's happening is no surprise at all. It's been predicted. I've been saying it for the last 10 years, and one of the reasons I was such a fan of Corbyn, who had it all sussed and was ready to do something about it. But he went the way of anyone who gets in the way of the super rich big boys, so we're left with neoliberal Starmer, who like Blair is on their money making pay roll. Well as long as Boris can afford his wallpaper who cares...?
  5. Inflation now rising to 7% Goodbye to your savings if you have any, And God help you if you don't...
  6. Interesting and very sad. It reminds me very much of the difficulties people with M.E. have. It's a constant battle trying to convince people that even though the doctors can't find a name for what's wrong with them, there is undoubtedly a serious illness causing all kinds of disabilities that make everyday life impossible.
  7. So what do you propose the average Joe should do about it? Don't suggest the ballot box, that's 2 years away, and a very crude system of 'holding the politicians to account.' And there's a nice little reward of several thousand pounds severance pay anyway(I believe it's £40,000 but wouldn't swear to it) and a nice seat on the board for those who lose their seat. And don't get me started on the power of the media to interpret events in whatever image their media mogul bosses want. Public enquiries are usually a very expensive can of whitewash, but it keeps the civil service and lawyers in business at our expense. I deserve better. So I ask again. What do you suggest?
  8. I'd be interested to know from a current teacher whether wearing masks and sitting further apart has quietened the kids down, eg More listening, less talking and backchat. Just curious.
  9. Well isn't that a rather disturbing post? Do we really want blackmail to be a normal/ accepted part of politics?
  10. Maybe we're ready for a different type of governance. Not FPTP More cooperation, less confrontation. Working together for the common good in a global economy. Strong leadership which is respected rather than despised, (Angela Merkel) Representative of and In touch with ordinary people. An elected second house, with useful, experienced, learned people. A suitable modern workplace not beset with tradition and privilege.
  11. Can't stand Heseltine, but Ken Clarke certainly has the gravitas. However I was under the impression they had retired. Angela Thornberry?
  12. The Labour party has been very much a place for women before the Tory party caught up. Barbara Castle and Shirley Williams were brilliant women, Either would have made good leaders if the times had been different, also Mo Mowlam and a quite a few others. Real fearless, seasoned politicians. Not many similar in the current line up, Angela Raynor has the fire and commitment but rubs too many people up the wrong way, Yvette Cooper has the experience and polish but is tarred with Blair. But this is about Conservative Party, and I think the highlighted paragraph applies much more to the Conservatives who are far more traditional and set in their ways. Margaret Thatcher was the exception, and was given a terrible time apparently by the males in the party according to her biography, but it made her all the more determined to succeed. She was a remarkable woman even though I hated her policies. Her betrayal in the end was telling. Theresa May was given the same treatment, unsupported, set up to fail, and crumpled. As for the current lot, both men and women, nobody springs to mind as a natural leader does it? Plenty of wannabes but no substance. Patel's all mouth, and has made too many mistakes, also very ascerbic and unpopular with the public. Nadine Dorres might shape up, but a lightweight at the moment and her appearance in the jungle rules her out.
  13. 'Tulip Fever' on BBC2. First new film on TV that I've seen and enjoyed in a long while. With Alicia Vikander, Judy Dench and the wonderful Christoph Waltz. All about the bazarre tulip gold rush in Amsterdam in the 1600s, wrapped up with a traumatic love story. It was beautiful to look at, quality acting and held your interest right to the end. I'd give it 9/10
  14. I get the feeling that they're desperate for another outbreak so they can pounce....
  15. Personally, I hate the adverts interupting programmes, maybe they could try sponsorship at the beginning and end of programmes instead, (gives you time to nip to the loo and make a cup of tea.) I'm not surprised the BBC is popular with older people, which is why some Britbox programmes would bring the viewers in, That, and a few decent films and Arts programmes would help. As for youtube, some good stuff on there too, I'm not sure how they go about buying rights to it.
  16. Sue Gray works for Boris apparently. He's her boss. So report couldn't possibly be a whitewash, could it.....?
  17. I'll look into that. It sounds like a good idea. But what safeguards are there if you lose your phone? (I seem to lose things a lot...)
  18. An excellent piece about Sociology and Economics on 'Thinking allowed' Radio 4 at 4.0pm. Clear, and relatively easy to follow it will be available on iplayer or a pod cast i'm sure. I think we should all try to have a grasp of these subjects if we don't want to be duped by the politicians, so it's important to educate yourself about what is actually going on, or they will sell you any version to suit their own agenda..
  19. All covid regulations are to be dropped, as of next week. No masks, no passports into venues, and no more regular testing. Good, But please note, as far as I know, the measures that were brought in still remain on the statute books...
  20. I recently lost my credit/debit cards. (The bank acted swiftly to cancel and replace them. Thanks) However a week without them was an eye opener. It is virtually impossible to manage without them. Fortunately I had a bit of cash in the house and was able to borrow some from family for a business trip. A hotel I stay at regularly only takes on line bookings using a credit card, so had to find somewhwere that would accept cash, at a price I had budgeted for. Car parking at new holel was pay by credit card, so had to park elsewhere, and hump luggage a distance. A Restaurant for food also were reluctant to accept cash, And various other constant inconveniences without cards. I had to count every penny to make sure I didn't run out of cash, (which was no bad thing, and made me realise how free I am with debit card.) An interesting and salutary experience. Try it sometime. But I bet you use a card to access cash machine. What would you do without it?
  21. As I said, real money is going out of fashion, helped by the pandemic. But beware. Real money is our last freedom. Give the power to the bank's computers and it totally controls a precious resource. What happens when computer says 'no' The government are currently discussing bringing in its own crypto-currency.
  22. Don't you at least find it interesting that ordinary people consistantly vote against their best interests? There are far more 'ordinary' people, than people who benefit from Tory policies. The rise of the number of 'poor' is evidence of that, and is set to increase mightily thanks to the last decade of Tory 'Austerity,' and inflation. Meanwhile the super rich get much, much richer.
  23. It's a serious problem, probably wrapped up in our history and national character. People know my opinion, but I think it's a serious enough problem to necessitate serious investigation.
  24. Better spend it soon Padders. Real money is going out of fashion.
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