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  1. No so good these days unfortunately - way to expensive for a little bit of fish that looks as though it dropped off a proper bit, mushy peas watered down so much you could eat them through a straw, and so it goes on.
  2. He was poking his nose into other people's business - they've started to crack down, so better watch out.
  3. . . . and just as a friendly tip - don't say 'right to light', 'right to a view', or 'loss of house value' as you'll be shot down; none of these being planning considerations. :-)
  4. Given that you know the date (presuming that you do know the name :-) ) it will be pretty easy to get. If you want to be precise, go to ancestry.co.uk and you will be able to search the register to get the full reference number. Then go to the General Register Office site where you will be able to order a copy of the certificate (if I remember correctly, it will be cheaper if you can get the reference number from ancestry, otherwise you pay a little bit more, for the GRO to do a search). (All this, unless the death was relatively recent, in which case you have to contact the district register office where the death was registered)
  5. It went round six times when I went on it early Thursday evening - although I'm sure that is an exception rather than the rule.
  6. It's funny - I seem to remember a while back when JCP were striking in protest over the massive staff cuts that the Government imposed across the department, there were many messages on here saying 'too right that their staff are cut - there are too many people pushing pens as it is'. Now that we're in a position where the average jobcentre has seen new claims volumes double recently, and there just aren't enough staff left to devote the time to claimants that they expect, people are surprised.
  7. I think it's the people on the wheel who are going round in circles.
  8. Technically speaking, thunderclaps themselves are sonic booms - they don't just come from aircraft.
  9. If I had to guess I'd say 'piloting', but that is just a guess !
  10. I'd certainly recommend the PO travel card. Apart from anything else, it has the advantage that, should you have any money left on it when you return, rather than having to faff around getting it changed back, you can just continue using the card as normal in this country until it runs out.
  11. When you say the cannabis smokers are/were everywhere, do you mean that they were omnipresent deities, or that the park encloses the whole known universe ?
  12. There's a new(ish) cookshop on the lower half of Chapel Walk - not sure if they'd have what you're after?
  13. Whilst the graffiti on other buildings is bad, I really don't mind that on the skate park and am glad it's where it is - largely because any negativity from the painting is totally offset by what a great spirit the skating area always seems to be being used in. Whenever I've walked past there I've always been struck by how fantastic the atmosphere there is, totally at odds with what I'm sure a lot of people's impression of these facitilities (and the people that use them) is. There is very often a surprisingly diverse range of people using it from mums and dads with their young children going up and down the ramps on their little bikes up the older, really very skilled, 'proper' boarders. They all seem to rub along well and have an excellent time with none of the (by some) expected clashes, drugs, abuse . . . etc
  14. So what ? Tough doodoo ! - who cares about slowing down arrogant 'we own the road' car drivers; cyclists have got absolutely as much right to use the road as you have. (and before anyone else is thick enough to mention road tax, that ridiculous argument has been blown way out of the water many many times in other threads, both on this board and countless others.) Consult any safety organisation, cycling proficiency school etc etc and they will all tell you that cyclists are advised and encouraged to ride well in towards the middle of the road - and certainly not near the curb / gutter. (Oh and some people need to check the highway code where it clearly points out that cycle lanes are purely voluntary).
  15. Is anyone else in Sheffield getting intermittendly really bad broadband speeds with Virgin Media ? Sometimes mine is all but unuseable. When I rang them they were very non-comittal, saying that yes, there is a longstanding problem it that area and we don't know when it will be sorted etc etc. I'm really considering changing suppliers now as it is getting ridiculous; I've put up with it in the past mainly due to the faff of changing email addresses etc, but it's happening more and more now and I aren't going to carry on paying for something I'm not getting.
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