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  1. Dear [sHsheff] thank you for your replay and invitation. I am surely willing to join you. Unfortunatelly this forum-system doesn't allow me to send you a PM. Leaving Sheffield at 8.45 is fine for me. I have all the "equipment" (hiking shoes, thermo-jacket,... do you think we would need a wind-stopper?), but I do not have a car here. So if someone could pick me up from the train station (the place I know herearound so far), I would ask for it. I can check the e-mail in the late evening again, until then we can be in contact via SMS: from the UK it should be (0?)0.386.31.368.334. I am looking forward for that walk, thanks to everybody who replied on this thread! Matej
  2. Thank you for the link Taxman. It seems the Hathersage area is most easily reachable (by direct train from Sheffield) - do you know any walks there, what would you recommend? It seems the accomodation shouldn't be a problem - there is a hostel. I am surpriced about the nature of this area - there are no real peaks, right? More plateaus. And it seems to be a kind of a moorland? This is very different to what I am used to, I am looking forward to get to know this landscape. Purdyamos, priblizno razumem srbsko, ko sem se hodil v osnovno solo, smo se tudi v Ljubljani ucili tega jezika, nekaj se se spomnim. Prebivalci Ljubljane, bi poleg 'fantasticna' gotovo dodali se kaksen pridevnik, npr. preplavljena z avtomobili, z visokimi cenami stanovanj,... je pa vsekakor tudi fantasticna - zelena, bogata v razlicnih arhitekturnih stilih, majhna (fizicno) in hkrati velika (glavno mesto drzave, zelo zivahno). Have a good start of the week, I am reading this forum from one of the Sheffield's computers next time! Matej PS the translation: Purdyamos, I do understand Serbian to some extend, when I was in the primary school also Ljubljana's pupils were learning it, and I still remember some things. The citizens of Ljubljana would beside 'fantastic' add some more adjectives when describing the home city, for example overcrowded with cars, with enormously high prices of flats,... but it is true, we would also call it fantastic - green, rich in architectural styles, physicaly small but big in its soul (the vibrant capital of a nation).
  3. Thank you Meaks, how do I do that? Best regards! Matej
  4. Hi there, I am coming to Sheffield next week to attend a conference. It finishes on Wednesday, the 20th of September. I plan to stay in the area two days more to do hiking in the Peak district on Thursday and Friday (morning). If you have similar interests/plans, do let me know, am willing to do it with a companion. I do not know the exact hiking possibilities so far, I only browsed the web (after my friends informed me that Peak District is a good place for hiking). I am well experienced in hiking , I usually do it in the eastern part of the Alps, where I come from - if interest we could even do some hiking here around some later time. My contacts: matej_niksic@hotmail.com or SMS: +38631368334 Have a good day, Matej
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