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  1. I know of Ralph Smally, nice bloke, is he still alive & well?
  2. When the Rochdale case first emerged some time ago I was talking to two guys who allegedly work for Rotherham Council as Child Protection Officers, when 'grooming gangs' in the Sheffield and Rotherham area were brought into the conversation they were both shocked and said they had never heard of such a thing, which came as a big shock to me, as there has been cases of 'grooming' (reported in the Star) as long as forty years ago. I can't wait to see the guys again to see whether they have been better informed by their 'employees'.
  3. I feel for those who have to pay this 'bedroom tax' & the stress & expense it may cause them, but it does make sense to 'encourage' to downsize, although it could turn out costly for them as it did for me. I rented a largish one bedroom flat from a Housing Assc (mentioning no names) in a good area & had to endure a four year battle with them & a neighbour who continously made false allegations against me, unfortunately for me & with hint of 'political correctness' the Housing Assc decided to support my 'good' neighbour & took out an injunction against me. I ended up in court on the strength of the neighbours blatant lies & I was not only being harassed by my neighbour but by the HA as well. Thankfully with the help of Housing Aid & the threat of the Ombudsman the HA decided to reluctantly pay me compensation. However, (not suprisingly) I was still being harassed by the neighbour & the housing officers so I decided the only option was to move, luckily because of my 'traumatic experience' I was offered (by the council) within weeks a lovely little bungalow with my own garden in a good area & good neighbours. Having just ranted on about my situation which ended up being a satisfactory conclusion, the move was horrendous as I had to downsize & put loads of stuff into storage, which I had to pay for & even tho' the HA paid me comp' plus reimbursement for all the work I'd done in the flat & they had to pay half my removal costs, the added expense & stress to me was not nice, so I can understand what people will have to face if they have to move, good luck to all of you if you are forced into this situation.
  4. A few years ago an ex girlfriend of mine who lived off London Rd, watched a 'scrote' stroll past her window, down her path, into her kitchen, take her handbag & stroll off, I told her only a few days before not to leave her doors unlocked.
  5. A friend of mine's teeth are noticably 'whiter than white', recently I tried (jokingly) to pull them out thinking they were false. My friend has regularly used one toothpaste called Opulescence by Optident, i'm thinking of trying it myself but it looks expensive.
  6. As I've mentioned before, I live on the outer boundary of this 'scheme' & after 9am our road is full of 'dumped' cars, if I shift my car I have no chance of parking when I get back. NO!!! I'm not willing to pay to park outside my home, when before this scheme our road was free of 'dumped' cars.
  7. Good!!!.... I'd better check that 'list of sins' again & book my ticket for the everlasting fire of hell, coz there'll be a reyt waiting list & I dont like queing.
  8. The 'no homosexuals' on the rednecks list of evils did it for me, i'm suprised they wern't hung drawn n quartered in NY. That poor little lad will certainly remember his trip to the Big Apple, God help him if he grows up gay.
  9. I went in Wetherspoons near John Lewis's the other day & recognised a few 'undesirables' of yesteryear & did a U-turn straight out, I hope it's not a new 'Cannon' developing in the city centre. I've crossed Wetherspoons off my 'places to go for a safe & quiet night' list.
  10. I don't think i'll be going up the OXO Tower, the entrance looks a bit too tight for me & I would be a bit nervous on the way up, but I have heard that once your up there the experience is rather pleasurable & it's nice to know that Hein is very welcoming & eagerly waiting to make sure you have a good time. I have heard the OXO Tower is very popular but i'm not sure whether dogs are allowed up it.
  11. They're sky lanterns, I live near Psalter Lane & watched them come accross, I could see them clearly flickering as they came nearer, but i must admit, from a distance they do look like 'ufo's'.
  12. As i've mentioned on earlier threads & i'll probably mention it again & again, my earliest memory was of being sexually, mentally & physically abused, then taken by my birth mother & thrown into an institution to rot, I was around 2 to 3yrs old. Great to have memories...... Ehh!!!
  13. That sounds like one of the idiots that badly damaged my mates new car near the Pizza Hut & sped off never to be seen again. The offending car was regularly seen bombing around in that area, with it's extensive variety of Halfords add-ons & after it hit my mates car, which was parked up, it vanished.
  14. IMO Abbeydale Rd to the London Rd area has been a problem for years, every time i drive from Carter Knowle Rd to Sharrow Lane, I brace myself & think, here we go again. One of the worse things for me is how some cars will just pull out in front of you, usually with no indication & sometimes the occupants look at you as if to say "what the hell are you going to do about it" & then they'll slow down in front of you, going at a snails pace & then turn off without any indication, it's happened to me so many times, I now try to avoid that area, especially near the Broadfield pub.
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