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  1. what teh ???? is everyone talking about ok so that first teh was on purpose, I dont see what this is all about. some people type teh by accident like me sometimes and others do it because they have dyslexia so what.
  2. I agree Plus I think the topic of this post is completely biased in that it directs everyone to only give views that conform to the incorrect assumptions made in the begining. Islam is nothing like communism and neither should be feared but understood. Lets be a little more open minded please
  3. I think consoles will die after the next generation we'll all have handheld games machines like a Nintendo DS 2 that wirelessly hooks up to our HD TV. and a PSP 2 that only has ports of 5 year old PS3 games on it
  4. A lot of SEO is common sense. Paragraph content matching its description, good meta tags, submitting site to URLs directories etc. Do a bit of reading on the subject and do as much as it you can for free
  5. Its a great idea Might have a go myself
  6. You've got it one lol I thought the Royal Armouries was quite good, esp the live show and its free dont forget, except special exhibitions and live shows.
  7. We both had a great day in castleton. I did get to tire her out but not in that way, shes a lady this girl.
  8. Thanks SHsheff, I'm starting to incline towards castleton, peak district region
  9. ha ha, yeah i realise the inuendo no she is the one working, the peaks sounds ideal - romantic picnic springs to mind, just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas that i haven't thought of.
  10. Hi everyone i've not posted for a while, its good to be back -cant wait to read postings from the usual lot -jabberwocky and medusa spring to mind, hi everyone else as well. I met a swedish girl today and decided to just go for it and ask her out, she said yes and i've got her number, which is quite an achievement for me I'm taking her out all day sunday (her only day off) and shes only been in sheffield/engalnd in general for 1 week and is leaving to austrailia in a month. What I'm asking is does anyone have any good ideas for the date, i want to show her sheffield the best bits, but not tire her out (cos working 6 days a week). all ideas are welcome, thanks
  11. There was an episode of rising damp which involved a snake. In short it is not a good idea. Not fair on snake either
  12. alchresearch, your research sounds interesting, I completely understand that printing off does happen (I do it myself from WebCT). E-learning doesn't seem to be fulfilling the potential it appears to offer. I guess people prefer to revert to old ways of learning (for comfort, if it ain't broke etc.) I think the benefits of e-learning need to be uniquely e-learning and not just new ways of doing the same learning, as people will just stick with the old ways. Do you agree?
  13. I've used blackboard and webCT myself and the problem I have with them is they are very much one way, here are some notes, download them. Or is it good that they are one-way?
  14. I'm starting to become interested in E-learning, partly due to work The problem I find is that it means so much, and different people have different ideas. E.g. is it a teaching tool, or an entirely new way of learning Does e-learning really help us learn? Is technology driving e-learning or is e-learning demanding the technology to improve? Just some topic ideas, what do you think about e-learning? Have you used blackboard\webct etc. and are they any good?
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