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  1. thanx, will really consider it as i really need to tone up...
  2. Aaah thanx but it really has to be as close as we can get to the areas specified... thanx for your time tho & ill let u know if we change our minds... Thanx
  3. Doe's anyone know what its like to live in the tunwell drive area??
  4. sorry mate, it has to be closer to the yew lane area, thanx for the offer tho... good luck x
  5. EXCHANGE WANTED FROM - WOODHOUSE - MAUNCER CRESCENT 2-Bed sunshine house, kitchen almost refurbished by council, having new windows and outer doors. House is like a blank canvas as it’s not decorated due to council modernisation. Front garden & large back garden with fantastic view. Close to local amenities and plenty of bus routes. TO - PARSON CROSS - YEW LANE, COPPIN SQUARE AREA Would like a 2-bed house, ideally with front and back gardens. Close to local amenities. Will consider any offer!
  6. Yeah when i worked as a carer in a residental home we always used to get the flowers from funeral homes...
  7. tell me about it... honestly on our ward we must chuck big piles of papers out daily & god knows how much it would be if you count all the wards together! i just hate to see it all get thrown in the bin & not getting recycled!!!
  8. Hi again, just been reading a few posts about recycling... I also try & do my little bit!! Anyways i'll get to the point. I work at the halamshire hospital & i'm always on about how they should have some recycling points. We throw loads of news papers & bottle away... Just an idea!!
  9. Hiya, just wondered if any of you know what tithe barn gym, in woodhouse is like? Im really interested in going but have no idea what to expect. Also im gay so just wondered if id be okay there? Its really local to me & would be ideal, so if anyone knows anything let me know... thank you!
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