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  1. Dear all - I hope perhaps one of you might be able to help me with a sticky predicament I am now stuck inside of. I desperately need to acquire a new hard drive tomorrow morning (monday) - looking for something decent like a samsung F3, and so the dreck they have at PC World just won't cut it. In the past I have been able to visit tekheads, insight etc, but a brief google search hasnt revealed any current options. So, if someone can suggest a supplier of such things in the sheff/rotherham/chesterfield area, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you all
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a plasterer/building with experience of plastering in old houses? I live in a place that was built around 1750 and am having problems with condensation/mould/crumbling plaster. I want to get my living room re plastered and have heard various recommendations about how this should be done using a sand mix, or with lime. The house is also rendered on the outside to the floor, and this is beginning to crumble away ... I have heard that I should have render removed from the base of the walls where the render meets the floor. If anyone could make recommendations of someone who knows about old buildings it would very much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Went along this morning to Graves Park and had a great time - I will definitely be back for more. Like BMF fanatic says, the best part is that it scales so well to ability, so everyone is pushed. For me, exercising with other people is key - when you work out by yourself its massively difficult not to fall into a comfort zone - if that doesn't apply to you then congratulations, but each to their own and in my (limited) experience, BMF and the type of activity they promote is not only valuable from a fitness perspective, but hugely enjoyable too. Two thumbs up :thumbsup:
  4. just like that - marvelous I can't offer a blue peter badge, but 50 points for your detective skills - most impressed
  5. I don't know how you managed to find that, carsupplier, but thank you very much indeed I should be all sorted now, if only I can get out of bed in time .......how did you find it? Fedex.com -> UK -> find locations reports nothing in sheffield, but your link does - I can't see how to navigate manually to the page you linked to. Not important, of course - just curious Oh, and thanks again edit - thanks also to lottie - fingers crossed (Impatience has me chasing it instead of waiting out the bank holiday weekend )
  6. First, apologies if someone thinks this is the wrong forum. I received a card from Fedex today informing me that they tried to drop off a parcel whilst I was at work. I would dearly love to be able to pick this up tomorrow - I think its likely the place would be open for an hour or 2 on a saturday morning, but the phone number the card indicates (0114 2564080) is strictly working hours mon-fri. With a plan to drop by the place just on the offchance tomorrow morning, all I need to do is find it, but no amount of googling is turning anything up - so does anyone know where Fedex operate out of in Sheffield? Thank you all
  7. Thank you everyone for your help - I have something sorted now. Littlepink, photos would be a larf, but they demand a more outgoing character than I have Maybe if I am super pleased with the results Thanks again
  8. thank you all for your help thus far - I have plenty to mull over Plain Talker - its this guy.
  9. I know there are already a bunch of threads on this topic, but....I *really* dont like getting my hair cut - its getting ridiculous now though, so I would appreciate it if someone could suggest a blokes hairdresser who will: a) Cut my hair like this guy: 1, 2, 3 b) Not make me feel like a tool for asking for a). c) Be prepared to tackle a sizeable quantity of hair - like I said, its been a while. d) Generally not make me feel like cattle. Thank you all
  10. any ad which contains whispering. Amplified whispering makes me want to murder.
  11. In my opinion, the situation is so volatile at the moment that you would be best advised not to take action based on anyones prediction - simply do what you can best afford to do at the moment
  12. ace - thank you both - this is exactly what I was looking for
  13. thanks littleblue - is that to say that in the daytime its populated by people parking for work?
  14. Were it just me, I dont care if I have to walk for 20 minutes, but the gf isnt going to take to kindly to a long walk ahead of our trip to Restaurant 23 tomorrow (especially if its raining) - would it be fair to assume that the car park directly opposite the plaza will be full to bursting at about 9pm on a friday? That being the case, does anyone have any good suggestions for close-by parking spots? Thank you all
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