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  1. I think having your own would be an expensive option and it would probably exceed the value of the Megakidz discount. Borrowing is much better.
  2. Borrow someone else's. With their permission of course...
  3. Yes, I think they said they are about to change a lot of their stuff to make it better for 0-4's. Not sure when but it must be soon I would think.
  4. Megakidz at the Megacentre is running a half price entry offer over summer. Great value for kids.
  5. Hi They do kid's parties. We had our kids party there when they were younger. I think it's free for up to 9 month olds. They are open every day apart from Sunday. There is an area for babies and one for toddlers and one for the older kids.
  6. It's on Bernard Road, next to Hyde Park Tram stop by the way
  7. Just found out that Megakidz play centre at the Mega Centre is half price over the summer.
  8. It is a free entry during off-peak times (most of the daytime). The rest of the time it entitles you to 50% off I think. They also do great deals for groups and schools. all the info is on the website.
  9. The Megacentre have got an offer on at the moment. All you have to do is go onto their website and register and you get a free ticket for the kid's indoor play centre. Go to http://www.yourelookingmega.co.uk
  10. Hi I've been reading through people's posts on this thread and found them great! I am doing a bit of a history project about the place I work which is on Bernard Road. It's now called the Megacentre but it was formerly owned by Spear & Jackson until they were taken over by James Neill in the mid-80's. I am trying to find out any information about the history of the building, who worked there, when it was closed, how many people worked there, what they manufactured etc... In particular I am wanting any photos of either the outside of the building or the inside with people at work. I want to post an industrial archive section on our website and would really appreciate any help anyone could offer. Kindest regards
  11. We have had an astra for years and i have to say it's been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Perhaps that's why there are so many?
  12. thanks so much that is excellent...! - is there any way i can gethold of a copy of this book?
  13. want to be within a mile of city centre really. Tram route sounds good.
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