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  1. Romanians should be paid more money to stay here so they don't have to beg.
  2. 8.5 -9 / 10 PCN’s contested nationally are won on appeal. If PS did their administrative duties properly I suspect the figure would be even higher. Neil won more than 98% of cases on appeal, he only lost one in the HC, which categorically proves most councils deliberately set honey traps to fleece motorists. There’s various honey traps and illegal / confusing / deliberate / misleading signs / restrictions, throughout Sheffield, I’ve helped various motorists contest their PCN’s and won every time. Hillsborough, Sharrow and Highfields are particular good honeypots for SCC. When people find out about Pepipoo it is usually when they’ve well and truly had enough, most people just pay because they don’t have the time, confidence, resources or knowledge to fight the system, PS know this and massively capitalise on it. When folk do appeal councils send confusing, misleading templated letters (hundreds of examples on Pepipoo) And blackmail motorists into paying the 50% reduced rate. The whole system from start to finish heavily favours councils Parking Services. They know this and use it to leech every penny they can from motorists. I know of several cases myself where the motorist would have won if only they’d appealed. Care to challenge just one of Barrie Segals 74 listed scams http://www.appealnow.com/scams/ Or BBC’s Panorama team if its all lies? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02xcnpr/Panorama_Traffic_Fines_Highway_Robbery/ So Neil Herron, the BBC , Panorama, Notomob, myself, Jenette Miller - motoring solicitor Pepipoo and its whistle blowers, the 1000’s of other motorists are all conspiracy mumbo jumbo nutjobs?
  3. More conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo. I have never seen a restriction put in place "just to fleece the motorist" anywhere I have worked. Nor as it happend anywhere I work either, but this does not mean it never happens, the fact is it happens all the time, it’s just that most people cannot be bothered, do not have the time nor confidence and resources to fight the system. Here is one of many Here is several thousand more on Pepipoo Forum http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showforum=30 I’ll challenge you to provide irrefutable evidence councils are not fleecing al these motorists desperately seeking advice on pepipoo. You must stop lying, they are not a miniscule amount, these are juts the tip of the iceberg. I’m awaiting some FOI figures, but for some strange reason the council seem to reluctant in releasing this data, wonder why? Nationally it is roughly 8.5 council parking tickets are overturned on appeal. No it isn’t, prove otherwise. As you parking adjudicators are independent, they do not favour anyone. A couple of officers in one council exchanging congratulatory emails hardly indicates a widespread culture does it? It is indictive of the wider culture, whistle blowers from many parking crusaders and Pepeipoo have also confirmed this to be the case. All of your conspiracy theories fail on the fact that if motorists weren't breaking the rules, Councils wouldn't get a penny. They’re not conspiracy theroies, these are the facts of the matter. If so myself, Barrie Segal and BBC;s Panorama team and all the posters on Pepipoo Forum are liable. So if verything we say is conspiracy mumbo jumbo then go ahead and prosecute us all.
  4. Nobody is forced to join the military, and I know many will have been fully aware of the risks before signing up, although some won't. When you leave the armed forces you're a nobody, whilst ever you're serving then you have status and a life. The only people who come out of the armed forces with their mental health unaffected are psychopaths. This report to me is just one more reason why we wars should be a very last resort.
  5. Where did I say I wish to abide by the laws of Islam?
  6. See as SCC PS does and proven to do on many occasions, you are routinely lying again, these are not ridiculous ideas, nor is it due to my lack of understanding. Lots of restrictions are only put in place to fleece motorists. So Panaorama, Barrie Segal and the thousands of motorists wanting help on Pepipoo are all liars? You'd be filing a law suit right now if this was the case. As you know when motorists see an independent adjudicator the overwhelming majority win. As you and KB know the whole system is heavily favoured in favour of your nasty council fleecing motorists policies. Law abiding motorists must file representations to get their case heard but it is so flawed and long-winded, therefore massively capitalise on innocent peoples misery by allowing bailiffs to operate outside the edge of the law. Achieved by maximum disruption and confusion to the individual concerned, so ultimately relies on the majority of individuals giving in to their nasty idle threats to avoid months of distress. ---------- Post added 14-07-2013 at 23:41 ---------- Panorama have challenged it, Barrie Segal has won various cases. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b02xcnpr As the email exchanges in Panorama's Highway Robbery demonstrated. They're indicative of the culture to issue as many PCN's as possible to raise revenue, which is completely contradictive of what councils preach. Councils are only concerned when the number of tickets fall.
  7. You can learn to dive a car, as I said if you're poor then it should be subsidised. Pollution is a non issue, cars are now cleaner than ever, plus most will be electric soon. GW or CC was just a silly fashionable fad silly middle class lefties bought into throughout the 2000's. Congestion would be eased because bus lanes could be used by car drivers,. Sheffield is almost a blank canvas so demolishing lots of half unused / abandoned buildings is relatively cheap, therefore road widening programs is a cheaper good viable option which would stimulate growth in our city centre. PS What's so good about a bus?
  8. No, we should be encouraging car drivers into our city centre. ---------- Post added 14-07-2013 at 19:57 ---------- IMO Cars and their usage should be subsidised for poor people (with no extreme driving offences or criminal record) We need to accept cars are fantastic modes of transport and buses belong in our history books. We need investment on our roads and look at providing for car drivers instead of only trying to fleece motorists.
  9. Its good to know how these recycling plants have impacted on the environment.
  10. The most incredible quality E-cigs have is the fact they're totally harmless for everyone. But the anti-smoking brigade still treat E-cig smokers as convicted paedophiles.
  11. You can draw what other conclusions you like, however the fact remains she has only ever stated what she's personally noticed and thinks. Which is that folk have only ever walked out of her café when they have seen she is black, and not for any other reasons.
  12. Is it really necessary to define what progression means on SF?
  13. Try one, best cooked on a slow heat, with a splash of Hendersons they taste dead rate.
  14. Yes a Yorkshire café owner has resorted to putting a sign warning customers not to come in if they are "allergic to black people." As many people would instantly leave when they saw she was black. http://news.sky.com/story/1114007/cafe-no-entry-if-allergic-to-black-people Can't believe this is happening in Yorkshire 2013, are we ever going to progress?
  15. We should just abandon Ireland all together, and just ask the last person to leave to turn off the lights.
  16. Bedrock - Your DJing skills are very good, however I wouldn't call the music you like trance, just hybrid pop music. Hate to sound like some purists know it all knob but for me 'Trance' music has to have the potential to put you in a 'trance' and / or hypnotized.
  17. megalithic's superior intellect demonstrated here http://*************.com/index.php?topic=2634.0
  18. Its now so evidently plain to see who the trolls on SF are.
  19. Strong accusations, but as usual not one iota of evidence to back up what you categorically state, yet I'm the troll? Unbelievable.
  20. We could solve all benefit issues by simply implementing a Guaranteed Basic Income AKA the Citizens Income. Everyone from the ultra left wing Green Party to ultra right ring Republican economists such as Milton Friedman are in favour of this economic benefits model.
  21. You and your mates have often stated I'm racist and /or controversial, all I've ever asked for is for you to prove why, or retract your statements.
  22. How so? In what way am I controversiall and racist?
  23. The majority of the physical and mentally disabled still do get a darn good deal from benefits though. This is a typical breakdown of the average claimant DLA £21 Lower rate (Care Component) £53 Middle rate (Mobility Component) Income Support £71.70 ESA £71.70 Total £217.40 Along with the majority of their HB and CT paid. They would have to be earning 20,000 per annum to get this amount of money per week.
  24. Then you are more sad and pathetic than what I first presumed.
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