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  1. Crookes Valey park has some nice Perch,but for the kids you are better off going to Hillsborough Park, for the easy catch. Tight Lines.
  2. lol are you thinking of the one in town? Dunns Stores before wilkinsons
  3. Does anyone know what it was before they opened??????
  4. You never see em hanging around the Green Garden waste or the wood skips do you:loopy:
  5. Yesterday teatime i washed my car and forgot my keys were in the ignition. I went out for a pint or 3 at the Manor Social and was looking for them on my return at 11.10pm. As expected they and the car were still there. Nowt rong wit Manor.
  6. Hey has Draggletail done the job yet?? NOT
  7. let Draggletail do it hes the expert. NOT
  8. Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Sorry only it was 30yrs ago
  9. Just heard someone saying that they have heard a web rummer that the petrol tankers are out to cause problems over the Christmas period. Let hope its only a rummer
  10. As a kid we thought we were drunk on there Shandy cus the label said it contained real beer NOT. the American cream soda looked like dirty dish water.
  11. 9 iorn around the head if you find out who the little theiving [masked swearing removed]are. Stay Safe..
  12. Great What Was your handle do i know you? did you doss out at our flat on Holme Lane? most ov em did.
  13. Are you for real mate??? its a few logs for god sake..
  14. Go on SlinkyMinky charge her the earth for a simple job you know you want to thats what you sort do int it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. Why dont you offer your services then SlinkyMinky. Im sure you will be quite good at ripping her off, being qualified and all that.
  16. if you chop up the branches into 12 inch peices i will take them away FOC for my chimina.
  17. yep i used to go there in the 80s Border Rebel was my handle. Concreate Man Kraftwerk Wolf Man Pile Driver Lady Starstruck Black Knight. to name but a few Remember the guys who did the disco Pegasus
  18. As i was walking to work i saw two teenages riding a large yellow bike up Prince of Wales rd yesterday afternoon.(no helmets ) this had obviously just been nicked , as they waited at the lights at Manor Top i just wasted to go over and T**t em both. the theiving scum bags
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