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  1. I've just googled Thorncliffe Row, to try and find some information, and been directed to this thread which I can see is 7 years old! Now I've read it, I am 100% convinced that we are related. I had an Auntie Ada who lived on Thorncliffe Row, and who I used to visit with my brother and sister. We called her Auntie, although she was our Great Aunt. She was the sister of my Grandma Annie Smith (nee Steel - which I always thought was spelled without an e on the end). Her father was called Thomas, and I think that she had a brother called Thomas too. My Grandma and Ada had about 11 other siblings, and they were the last 2 living. My Grandma was born 1888 and died 1984. I don't remember Ada having a husband. Does this make sense to you?
  2. Toby is the best presenter on Radio Sheffield, which is why he presents the breakfast programme. It is also why the BBC haven't sacked him previously for his verbal indiscretions, and why he is currently under suspension, rather than being sacked. They (Radio Sheffield) have a dilemma. Sack their best presenter, who whether you like him or not is extremely popular. Or forgive him and rap his knuckles once again!
  3. There's one at Ringinglow, which I know isn't really North Sheffield, but it's only 15-20 minutes away. Again though it's actually on Halloween night. Here's a link. http://www.norfolkarms.com/ringinglow-walks.php#walks
  4. The limit doesn't change, so there's no need to slow down. It's 30mph on all of Herries Road.
  5. Can't disagree that it looked good before, just got to trust that the people who are doing the felling know best!
  6. About 90-95% complete I would say. Looks like Armageddon, but once it's all gone it'll be better. Actually, a lot of it looks better already.
  7. This is the stupidest thing I've ever read in my life. As well as what the people above have commented, what if I set the house on fire? I bet my insurance company would be dead chuffed not to mention the fire brigade. Oh and I've just decorated! I was sat for an hour yesterday in the middle of the bees and they really didn't bother me. I'm going to do what Feargal suggested and leave them until the end of summer and then put some dust in the vent to stop them coming back.
  8. Neither place are very quiet though, which is what he's looking for.
  9. Before my mum married during the war she lived on Vickers Road at High Green and my grandparents garden backed on to the Potter Hill camp. This is pretty close to Foster Way. She once told me that the Italian POW's came to the top of their garden to talk to them, and that they were lovely people.
  10. Don't fancy donning a beekeepers outfit to grab one, but to be honest I'm certain they're bees. They're larger than wasps for a start, and when they fly towards me when I'm sat in front of the vent they fly round me to get to the vent. To be fair I wouldn't sit there if they were wasps! Ey up to you too Feargal. Nice to see you're still frequenting the forum, which thanks to you both led me to meet and marry Mrs Scoobz . Sound advice re the bees, don't know why you weren't asked first!
  11. We've got bees coming and going from an outside airvent, right where we sit outside. My first thoughts were to get rid of them (no idea how!), but a neighbour has told us that when they've finished nesting, they'll go on their own. They're not coming in the house, and aren't particularly bothering my wife and myself, but if the family come round I can see there being a near riot! Also, if they do go on their own, what's to say they won't come back, and in even great numbers next time? At the moment there are 2 or 3 a minute going in and out of the vent. Does anybody know anything about bee nests, and have any suggestions?
  12. Obviously a lot more local knowledge than I have VW Kittie
  13. Try Langsett Barn. There will be walkers there, but not every 2 minutes. There are dozens of places in and around Bradfield, with all the dams there, you can soon find a nice quiet spot.
  14. Try dutiame 14 a member of this forum.
  15. IMO, funniest new comedy since Royle Family. I'm not even a Peter Kay fan, I can take him or leave him, but I love the dialogue and the way they've took an every day simple situation and made it funny. The background music is a bonus.
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