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  1. Did she only have one top lip?
  2. I think the Rootes Group one on Ellin Street you mention was the Deighton Motor Co.
  3. Thanks Chairboy, he's the one! I was only 20 years out ( doesn't time fly)
  4. Here's some more:- Jack Finney, Terry Wild, Brian Manning, Jack Akers, Alan Bradley. Roland Bentley, Barry Meech, George Jex, Peter Buck, Frank Hewitt, Donald Bond, Peter Gilmore, Gary Bowring, Derek Bridges and I think it was Leonard Harpin (not Leslie)
  5. Can anyone remember the name of the Owls player (in the 1980's I think) who was injured in a coach crash and I think had to have his foot amputated as a result? The name Ian seems to ring a bell! regards Capricorn11
  6. Must be after my time, Ping! The Stage Manager was Eric, John was his deputy. The man up in the flyes was definitley Walt in my time. (He was my Father in Law). I remember Hedley though most of the others were firemen working part-time from Division St.Station.
  7. The Stage Managers name was Eric ? , can't remember his surname, and the man right at the top in the "Flies", i.e. the one who dropped the backcloths in, was Walt
  8. Malton Hotel, Burton Road just down from the Rutland Cinema. Ball In , bottom of Pitsmoor Road Rock Inn, corner of Pitsmoor Rd /Chatham Street Rock Tavern, top of Rock St Marshall Tavern (Bacon Box), Pitsmoor Rd Fitzalan Tavern, Fitzalan St. Sportsman Inn, Marcus Street, New Inn, Montfort St. Albion, Verdon Street Merry Heart, Cromwell View, top Spital St
  9. Remember it? I worked backstage on that one!
  10. My Grandfather was the Secretary for 30 years of a "Sick & Divide Society" as it was called, at The Sportsman Inn, which used to on Marcus Street, Pitsmoor. Alas the pub is no more, neither is the street for that matter. This "Sick Club" was for the railway workers who worked at Bridgehouses Goods Yard nearby. If you were ill and could not go into work you didn't get paid. So this was kind of an insurance, which you paid into, from your wages every week. When you were off work with no pay, the "Society" looked into your case and they paid you some money to tide you over until you returned to work. My G'Father died in 1936 so I reckon this must have been round about the turn of the last century, early 1900's. I don't know how long they existed, but I presume it was a least until the NHS started in 1948. So I suppose most firms had these "Clubs" all over Sheffield. Good old days eh? regards Capricorn_11
  11. Hi Frankie, I lived on Fox Hill which was exactly opposite the end of Marcus St. as it crossed Rock Street. I think the houses numbered from the Brunswick Rd end, (nearest the Town) so you were at Court 28 / House no. 5, in that Court. This was the only hilly part of Marcus St, which was from Rock Street to Fitzalan St. Bottom of the hilly part was the Fitzalan Tavern. So the shop at the top of the hill would be the Newsagents on the corner Rock Street/ Marcus St. At the other end of the parade of shops Rock St / Sone St. was Caira's. By the way my Dad looked after Obourne St "Wembley" till he retired.
  12. Hey Lazyherbert, Do you recognise any one here? Capricorn_11
  13. Hi leogem, The Photobucket web site is negotiated just like Youtube, you just type a subject in the search field. But its not really a medium for old photo,s of Sheffield. It's really a place where one can upload photo's so people can place links in Forum's like this one so others can enjoy. The picture you mention was from a page of a book I scanned. regards Capricorn_11
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