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  1. I know the statue of the duck was made by Mr Harry Fearn who was a master at his work but he never told anyone if the swan was taking off or landing......there you are.
  2. Dont forget THe Snuff Box on Norfolk street end of Norfolk Row
  3. Hi i lost touch with Billy Clayton a few years ago ... how sad to hear he passed away ..my sympathies go out to his family .. sadly missed.
  4. Thanks for that Full English but i wanted a definite name if i could so i could take me rod and get it fixed... Cheers all the same...Ken
  5. Does anyone know where i can get a runner replaced on a rod as i want to use it rather than throw it away ..... if someone can fix it or you know of someone who can will you post their phone no on here , cheers .....Ken
  6. Is there any one who can help me with my samsung galaxy ace as it keeps telling me that the memory is full when i know it isnt however ive been trying to free the memory and went into the task master and deleted by the way of ram and now ive cocked it up so that i have lost my contacts and i think maybe other things , im not going to mess anymore , but im hoping with a bit of help it can be rectifiedso if any one can help i would be grateful... cheers ken
  7. obviously you cant but if you were to walk up by st johns church towards the hyde park flats you would carry on up and the cricket ground was about 600 yards after the church over the top of the old manor oaks road..
  8. How many of us had patches on our trousers in days gone by .... it was always handy to have a grandmother who knew what to do ... they werent bad at darning socks either for the man of the family to avoid embarassment...
  9. What about this then .. the council gave us a two bedroom flat which we have improved to a decent standard , We pay full rent as we dont get benefits , my wife and i are pensioners and as you know we sometimes have a bed each for health reasons so will we have to pay the tax as we are paying for a 2 bedroom property?
  10. Say what you like but i didnt have a problem getting from crookes to woodhouse yesterday and also today getting from barlborough to sheffield ,, I think the gritters have done a great job there has been no gridlocks anywhere this time , unlike in the past.... keep it up boys well done!!!!!!!!
  11. All this about it snowing, its January. Its the time of year when to expect snow so why all the fuss, we were warned last week it was coming... we all manage at the end so why not take it in our stride and just get on with it?
  12. Theres no such things as ghosts people think they see them thats all nobody has got any proof of a ghost and that goes for ufo"s as well it a money making racket for people with small minds .. get real for once .oooh it does annoy me all this bunkum..
  13. Yes this man was called Brian Lee he was a plasterer working on the flats at spital hill he did kill a woman and he put her under the stairs and plasterered it up ,, however he gave himself up to the police not long after , he didnt get the death sentence because the woman in question had been tormenting him to leave his wife or she was going to spill the beansabout their affair. The womans husband never reported her as a missing person as she had run off before so in court it came out what kind of a person she was so in these circumstances the judge sentenced Brian Lee to life .. I worked with him when he came out of prison and he was a decent bloke contrary to what people may think . he left sheffield and moved down southto start a buisiness but not heard of him since although he was a legend in the plastering trade.
  14. :hihi:Get a Suzuki Swift like me and you will never get caught speeding ...
  15. Hello John Of course i know you and your Mick two of the nicest boys who ever whipped a top.
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