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  1. After my original post March 2008 asking the question "How many Expats would move back to Sheffield" It would seem that the reply,s seem to indicate that people remember Sheffield as it was in the 50's/60's and the 70's and are not happy with the way the town is now. I have returned every 2/3 years from the 1980's and saw the decline in the markets inc the indoor/Fish Market and back in 2008 it was a joke. I returned again this year in April to the City Center and it was a dump not what I expected so I thought it might be me. So I went to Doncaster ,Leeds and Chesterfield to see if those Towns had changed, yes their was shops empty/changed locations but they had their Markets and a vibrant Town Center. I am born bread Sheffield and will always be proud of that, but would never go back there what has gone wrong to the City I love and was once called the Capital of Yorkshire?
  2. Hi 0114soulman, Thanks for the info can you be more precise? address, phone No. etc or anything. I if required give my email address. Thanks.
  3. Re-Enactor, Thanks for the information, just would like to know how they are now.
  4. Looking for Julie (nee) Theaker and her sister Christine (nee) Theaker. Last known location Chiwali Farm Drakehouse Lane Beighton, Julie moved to Mosbrough and then close to the Parkway near town. Christine married and moved to around Woodseats and was married around 1974 and had the reception at the Big Tree Pub at Woodseats.
  5. Hi Charmer, The economy was in a far better shape than it is today at least people had work and money to spend what have we now a country that speculates and produces nothing. Sandie
  6. Last week on the morning News BBC 6.45 to 7.30 I saw a report that Coal was been inported in the North East of England for our Power Stations. The old prase "Taking Coals to Newcastle" becomes a reality. Are we mad with the reserves we have on our doorstep. Open up the mines and bring the miners back. And before you ask I am a South Yorkshire man born and bread, I lived through the mining industry, the coking plant at Orgreave. Later in the 80,s was involved with Precips at Power Stations to remove Sulphur and other Dioxins so the emmissions did not go into the atmosphere. We now talk of the Carbon footprint take a close look at wind turbins, solar and heat pumps and the footprint of manufacture and transportation. Forget the Tree huggers who feel that Biomass is Carbon neutral when we have 6 deleverys a week by 16 wheelers that come from Cubria to Inverness not exactly carbon neutral and that is 1 Hospital in Inverness in our area we have in excess of 12 in our area from Fort William to Skye. Re open the Pits and let people go back to work and turn this sad econemy back to what it was. Sandie
  7. Hi markjgti6, What was the old HPO on Flat Street/ fitzalan square there was 2 underground duplicate telephone exchanges and command centers and from memory there was another under the town hall. I will try and find you more info from those who I worked with in the 60,s as you can understand that might take some time, because there are few left. Apart from Bawtry I also went to Finningly and sevel more MOD Sites, but I have to check my status under the OSA. Sandie
  8. Hi try SHILOH Isle of Skye take a look at this site 'www.isleofskye.com'. This a place I have used for over 8 weeks this year for accomadation for 2 of our engineers while upgrading the local hospital, I have also stayed there as their as the project manager. It is a new build and the owener is a nurse from the local hospital and it is spotless with off road parking. Fully recomend it. As a Senior Engineer for the NHS I prefer staying there than the local hotels. Hope this helps
  9. Yes I do remember you and in our class was Brian Chapman, David Briggs, Steve Rowland,Kieth Whorehouse. Surnames were Stefanski and the rest escape my memory. I remember Sally Hewe's Music, Groake Physics, of course Pop Gregory Chemistry. There are many more others I remember, but it was nearly 50 years ago and trying to put a name to a face is difficult. But now I ---------- Post added 14-03-2014 at 19:22 ---------- Yes I do remember you and in our class was Brian Chapman, David Briggs, Steve Rowland,Kieth Whorehouse. Surnames were Stefanski and the rest escape my memory. I remember Sally Hewe's Music, Groake Physics, of course Pop Gregory Chemistry. There are many more others I remember, but it was nearly 50 years ago and trying to put a name to a face is difficult. But now I will now try and do this. A few questions for you, who was Pop's younger Chemistry teacher, our French teacher was nicknamed "MIFFY" I think his second name Was Smith. The Maths teacher what was he called? and the guy who taught 'Social and Economic History' what was he called. The other names I remember Paul Cavell, Dribble, Nobby Clark etc. Regards Dave ---------- Post added 14-03-2014 at 19:24 ---------- [/
  10. If that is your reply then please expand, because I thought the topic was about Scotland's Referendum not the Pope and God.
  11. If you dont know where Scotland is why are you giving a comment
  12. Born and bred Seffield now live in Inverness, have been back over the years, but it is not the City I grew up in. Would I go back? In a word NO it is not the same and parts of the Town Centre are dumps
  13. You might not beleive this it is very difficult to find fresh boiled crabs. cockels and general shellfish in this area, most of it is for export. And yes once or twice a year I go to Leeds or Brid and whitby for crabs and this time I went to Sheffield Fish Market, sadly my visit resulted in my post. My home town has changed and while all my familly worked in the Steel, Mining and Engineering sectors and I was proud of my home town, but now it is a dump and that is not a good feeling. Sorry if I have offended people, but that is how I feel
  14. I went to that part of the "City Centre) for a reason as my OP said. I have always gone to that part, I did not go for restaurants bars and coffee shops. My post tried to put forward what I saw in that area and post my dissapointment of how it has become a deprived area. Why should I blame myself to revisit an area of town I grew up with from the late 50's to the early 80's. All I would ask is why it has happened. As a 10 year old Saturday was a bus ride to Pond Street then walk up through Fitzallan Squire to Willson and Gumpets (Toy Shop) then on to Woolies then the Market to spend our pocket money. Then at the age of 16 to 18 it was again Pond Street, 1st pint Penny Black then up to the Blue Bell and on to the Stonehouse, maybee the Claymore and the Nelson.If we pulled it would be on to the heartbeat. All those area's are now no go area's Why? ---------- Post added 02-09-2013 at 19:12 ---------- I dont like your comment "unless done deliberatley". All I did was go back to my home town where I was born in the early 50's, this is a forum where people are free to post their comments, and this was unless changed "Sheffield History & Expats" I have walked through the hole in the road from when it was built to when it was closed never a problem. Rose Tinted Specks, well I dont were specks are yours to dark you dont see
  15. Hi Plain Talker, Thanks for your reply, but regardles of the new development on the Moor the rest of we all remember as the Town Centre "Hole in the Road" and the market area or has that part of town now become not worth cleaning up and putting back to how it was. You talk of the Cannon and others closed down due to criminal activity, but is so close to the police headquarters and it would appear to have be overlooked. You go to the Moor, The Pump, Nelson and as you get to Moorfoot along side the Goverment DWP or what it is called the pubs there are not one's of type you would find in a Famous and City such as Sheffield. My comments are based on the visit I made and I was not impressed with what I saw. I will and always defended the City I was born and will continue to do so, but that does not stop me passing comment. Take Care Plain Talker
  16. Hi I came back to Sheffield mid to late August this year to visit the meat and fish market to get what was once the best place for fresh crabs and shellfish. All most of it has gone, I walked towards wher the Sets was all I could see was street traders outside what was shops very dissapointed as a Sheffielder born and bred. I decided to go for a pint all the local pubs were boarded up around the Castel Market, so I walked towards what was Marpels, what a depressed place the main Post Office Building all boarded up and falling into an eyesore, The iconic Red Telephone Boxes removed the square was Betting Shops and Gold Shops. I finished up at the Penny Black at Pond Street and it was just a changing room for people who were due in court. I parked in the car park under what was the Top Rank and paid £8 for less than 2 hours. I will allways defend my home Town, but it is difficult when I see what it has become. Maybee I am looking back to the late 60's to the 80's when it was a City to be proud of sadly it is turning into a neglected place. I doubt I will think again of returning to the City that was the Capital of Yorkshire. Sandie
  17. Well Andy has done it as a British player, How long before he is a Scottish player and has done what an English player has been unable to do Alex Samond is going to have a field day. It is strange that Wimbledon is the All English Club. And there are calls for " Sir Andy Murry" God help us.
  18. Hi MonkeyLover, When you say it blows the fuse do you mean the Circuit Breaker at the Main Board and only the sockets loose power. It is probabley the RCD that is detecting an Earth fault produced by a faulty iron, If the lights stay on then your problem is the iron. It would cost you around £15 to have the iron PAT Tested and it is not worth it, just by a new iron. Hope this helps
  19. The sort answer is nowhere that equipment belongs to your supply provider probably Yorkshire Electricity. You are not allowed to tamper or remove any part of that installation, if it has been damaged and requires replacement contact YEB under no circumstances try yourself, you could be prosecuted. Sorry can not help further
  20. Unless you are blind a nut is a nut the packaging says roasted Monkey nuts. If you have an allergy to nuts you would avoid this product like a hole in the head. What next Oranges contain Orange Fish contains fish Bananas contain Banana Vinegar contains Acetic Acid And the list is endless we pay too much money to idiots to tell us the obvious and I think it is time to adopt some common sence before we all become a part of the Nanny state and do not allow us to think for ourselves. People are not stupid, but Goverment Agencys are treating us as we are unable to live our lives without their control. Fix what is broken not that which is well left alone and allow people the respect of intelegence to make their own decisions
  21. Hi I went to Granville in the late 60's early 70's, I took my ONC &HNC IN Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Over 40 years later I have been asked to produce the cirtificate, but for a piece of paper that has not seen the light of day for over 40 years I am unable to find it. My question is simple What was the Exam Authoritity during that time, so I can start to ask for a duplicate Cirtificate. Thanks your help would be welcome.
  22. Just a thought regarding the indirect tax we pay. If we all stopped smoking, drinking, using our cars including repairs, fuel, servicing, household white goods and much more areas. Where would the goverment get their funds from when you look at the level of duty they get. Is there any wonder that the rise in fuel prices at the pumps fill the cash registers. I have no figures, but if we all stopped tax on other items would have to increase. I am now a none smoker after over 40 years and because of where I live a trip to the pub is few and far between, but I will defend those that smoke and drink. Sorry for the rant. What do you think?
  23. What are you on? I would sugest you go and lie down in a dark room
  24. Hi neepsendlane, We lived in Delves Drive and in 63 our school Rainbow Forge as far as I remember never closed. We used to walk to school through the snow with poly bags on our footware to try and keep our feet dry. There was no double glazing in the house and ice was on the inside of the windows, but we got on with it. We used to go out at night and play in the snow and when we came home we would stuff our shoes with newspaper and put them at the side of the fire to dry for the next day. As I now live in the far north of Scotland it takes me back in time as we just get on with it and so do the children, no wrapping them up in cotton wool just get on with it. -10 to -12 4in to 8in snow no problem thats life.
  25. You have to be jokeing you might give your location as Sheffield, but you do not talk as one. I take offence at your comment " they cant do essential work because of losers up north" I am from Sheffield and now live in Inverness and I work 10 to 12 hours a day and do most of my friends in Yorkshire.Sorry benifits up north are not an option, just work. You say that we drain the goverment funds, you are living in cookoo land. Go back to your books and your PC and get your facts right, and to make a post that you have on a Sheffield Forum does not give the impression of an educated person.
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