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  1. Thanks for adding some humour, just what I needed good to keep this bumped as you never know who may come across it. I will try and get a picture up. One things for sure they are very heavy.
  2. 2 weeks ago we had a stone lion stolen from our garden, last night the theives returned to take a second lion from our garden. my reason for posting this is to a) warn others that there are lion theives around and b) to see if anyone may know anything about this?
  3. Simply portraits on Mansfield Road if you are not in a rush they usually have great offers on at Christmas
  4. If the weather is good then there is rother valley or ecclesall woods, you could get the bus to castleton and have a walk there is also the sheffield museum you could have a day at home and do some dressing up, plant some seeds so the kids could watch them grow and maybe even teach them some old games like hopscotch have fun
  5. I love snow!! I want it to snow all night. Yes I know about all the inconvenience but really, me saying I want it to snow is not actually going to make it happen, last time I looked I was not that powerful
  6. Your GP surgery will be open as normal tomorrow
  7. You could ask Mike at MNS Freight for a quote, not sure it could beat the £25 but worth a shot for nothing? details below.
  8. The above is not quite true the CoE do not have to let anyone get marreid there and there are some that will not let you! Also some do get booked up years in advance, Ecclesall CoE and Ranmoor for example.
  9. Have you already booked the church? If not are you a member of a church, many religious bodies will not marry you unless you are a regular attender so you will need to check this out first. Also prices vary dramatically. Good luck with it all!
  10. Try this company. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Direct-Print-Promotions/190756547687711 or http://www.dppuk.co.uk/contact.html
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