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  1. The neighbouring house is rented, not through an agency, and we have no contact information for the owner. Their (very high) offshot kitchen is the boundary wall, and the render is cracked and coming away from the wall. It looks quite unsafe. What can we do?
  2. Sunday, 12th June, from 12 to 3 at 82 Montgomery Road
  3. My connection went down last week. I called, got through very quickly, the problem was resolved immediately, and they called back the next morning to check everything was still working well. I think that is just about perfect customer service. And very good value!
  4. Thank you, Dan2802, for cleaning the gutters and tracking down and fixing the leak in the ceiling at my daughter's house. Your calm, competent and immensely reassuring approach is greatly appreciated.
  5. That time of year again - we have some plants to give away. Please pm if you'd like one. ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 17:17 ---------- All gone - until next autumn
  6. I vote to stay in the EU. Whatever may be wrong with it, I believe that it is fulfilling its purpose to prevent war between its member states.
  7. Sorry, the compost bin has already found a new home.
  8. We have signed up for a green bin, so our freshly emptied compost bin ( the black Dalek type) is no longer needed. Collection only from S11 near Sharrow Lane.
  9. It might be quite useful for children to experience faith-based events so they learn by their own experiences that people who attend church are just people, with the same good and bad points as any other group, and that tolerance and openess work within some churches just as they would in other social settings. Not knowing what happens in a church fosters an unreasonable fear and dislike which ultimately excludes children from understanding any number of cultural references. I absolutely agree that nobody has the right to force their faith on anyone, but I find the immediate and unthinking rejection of any open events offered by any faith-based group smacks of lazy thinking at best and extreme intolerance at worst.
  10. Weston Park museum is great for that age.
  11. Sorry you had a bad time with them. I have found them to be excellent. Swapped from Virgin to plusnet for the private phone line and am about to do the same for the work line as the broadband speed is much better in the plusnet line than the current BT line - odd, as they use the same network, but clearly plusnet get it to work better.
  12. Is there some fundamental misunderstanding? Any assistance by the state should be given according to need. It is not about what anyone feels they deserve, or what they think someone less deserving than them is getting. My aim is not to need benefits, but I do not judge anyone for getting assistance. Very few of us can be absolutely certain that we will never end up in need ourselves. Just be glad that you can support yourselves while you can. Tax is not an investment in my personal future, it is my contribution to living in this country.
  13. Fair enough. I don't use taxis all that often, but we call taxis for visitors about once a week and find that the taxi arrives within five minutes. We call the automated service on the City number.
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