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  1. Hi Cat, Enjoyed seeing the pic of the Sunbeam. You forgot to tell me about the bra straps and knicker elastic! You dirty little boy! I remember the place smelling of oranges and ciggy smoke. Always looked forward to the icecream lady with her tray hanging round her neck and her little light shining on the choc ices. See you at the quiz!
  2. Hello Dors, I went to Hinde House, but my brother Robert Larkins went to Owler Lane. Have I seen your name on the Grimesthorpe link. Do you know Ralph Aspinall? The names you quoted look familiar but I may have heard them mentioned by Rob and Ralph. Sorry just replying but havn't been on forum for a while.
  3. Re your ghosts - I've been reading that the cottages once belonged to the Cannon Hall estate and were built to house the grooms. Later became part of the Union Work House. Don't know where I read this, because now I can't find it. I'll post any new info that I come across. I see that Sheffield has a Paranormal Society, perhaps you could invite them over!
  4. I was born on Firvale Road in 1946 and lived there until about 1966. Don't know which side Blyde Road you are on but there were some cottages facing Barnsley Road the backs of which would have abutted the Blyde Road houses. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned them and you can see a picture of them at /www.picturesheffield.co.uk. It's a shame they were pulled down. They were very pretty. Not sure about ghosts! I'll ask my brother, he once saw one in the old Cannon Hall (not the pub, the Hall) when it was boarded up and he and his pals used to sneak in, so there may be one or two floating around the area! ttfn
  5. Where was Firvale Motorist Center? My Uncle owned Turners Garage on Herries Road but sold it about 25 years ago.
  6. I left Sheffield in 1966. Moved to London with my job (Ministry of Power as it was then). Then on to the States in 1968. Went on my own, for adventure! Started out in the suburbs of New Jersey. Hated it. I thought I was off to Happy Days but most of suburban US is quite desolate. There are plenty of houses but no corner shops or pubs. So moved on to NYC which was a much more exciting kettle of fish. Married in 1971 and lived mostly in New England. I returned to England quite a few times and in the early days I missed all the mod cons of America (very materialistic of me), but the older I got the more I missed England. I returned in Sept. 2003 for a holiday and kept putting off my return (my marriage was in a state of crumble anyway). My 92 year old mother decided to break her hip that Christmas Eve sooo I extended my stay again, to look after her. Anyway I am now back for good and loving it. I grew up in Fir Vale and couldn't wait to get out of there. I hated the smell of the factories and coal fires and waiting for a bus in the drizzle. But now when I remenisce (where's the spell check on this thing) I only talk about the good bits. Sheffield to me isn't about the bricks and mortar it's about the people. They are friendly without being intrusive, they have a great sense of humour and are very kind. I for one am very happy to be back living a Domesday village on the edge of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. I am new to this site. It's like free therapy! Love to you all out there in the far flung reaches.
  7. I too went to the Mojo Club in the sixties. Can't remember too much about it except that it was painted black inside and there was some sort of drinks bar/table at one end. Remember seeing John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and I think the Who were also there. I may be hallucinating or was there some sort of house band that played 'Tangerine' at the end of each night?? Seems out of character for Mojo.
  8. Hi Jossman - Did you know my brother, Robert Larkins, b. May, 1945. He also went to Owler Lane, along with Neville Crinson, who lived on Popple Street?
  9. I grew up in Fir Vale from 1946 until about 1966. It was a really nice neighborhood then. My parents had a greengrocery shop on Barnsley Road and we lived over and behind it. There was a chip shop below us (Cockings) and a Department store further down where they would send your money through an air shute and I liked to watch it travelling across the shop ceiling. Used to go in Tony's Cafe in early teens trying to act grown up. I would always have a lovely greasy burger and a Vimto. Saw Joe Cocker at St. Cuthberts Youth Club - remember him singing Georgia with his eyes closed. We weren't too impressed. We were into Rock and Roll! There was also a spooky house next to the Sunbeam. Perhaps it is were the Cannon Hall pub is now. My brother and his pal saw a ghost there - a lady in a long dress on the stair landing. He still sticks to his story. Anyway - many more memories of the neighborhood. This will do for now.
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