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  1. Yes we live at Jacobs drive until around 1987 then we moved over to the crystal peaks area. He was a very proud person and never let his disability get in his way. I know he was my father and I'm very proud to say he gave us an excellent and solid upbringing. And it was a great loss for us all. Please don't hesitate to get in touch as it would be good to know more about his younger years Take care rich
  2. Hi denboy5 My father was mike Kelly the athlete who competed in many of the Paralympic Games around the world and at the stoke mandaville games. When I was born in 1977 he soon retired from competitive sport but went onto charity work setting up his own charity called push for life, which he raised money for chronically sick and disabled children. He sadly passed away in January 2010 at a grande age of 65. He did sufferer through life with numerous ailments, but always faced life with a smile and a joke and never let on the struggle he lived. My mother who was a nurse at king Edwards who nursed him back in the day and then went on to marry him is a forum member under the name patsyfagin. Hope this helps and I would like to hear your stories of my dad. Thanks rich
  3. i agree if your going to come in to the game which is hard at the moment because of the above quote and people under pricing others, please do it the right way. either go to college and learn or find a plasterer looking for a labourer and learn off them. there is no quick fix to become a plasterer it is a art form and takes years to learn. i have been at it 18 years and i still learn from others. Now due to the flooding af the trade i have jumped ship and gone to university to better myself in construction management. Good luck anyway.
  4. hi amy20, everywher you live nowadays has trouble of some kind but i think it helps how you live too be friendly and all that as the saying goes "love thee and love thy neighbour. I moved from shiregreen 25years ago to s20 area and had no problems at all this little property is very spacious inside and is on a little cul-de-sac, and you get the extra bedroom http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27133337.html
  5. hi there im fitting some solid wood beech butchers block worktop and i have made a slight mistake. i cut the worktops and found the spare piece is 7inch short of the last fitting. how can i join this so it looks spot on and if this is possible is there anyone available to do it tomorrow. or if its easy enough to do ill do it my self. thanks in advance. you could ring on 07501011224 if easier the job is in s8
  6. police seem to have blocked the road off near to the bp petrol station. hope all is ok
  7. £16;) and takes 45 mins wish i earnt that much
  8. and you are i take it??????????????????????
  9. i remember him a great character he was my dad to does that mean your my mum ha ha hello
  10. so i take it you wont want to renew his contract. same injury failed him as was a good player for hull and had good prospects. i had heard he has took early retirement but cant find anywhere to confirm it.
  11. hi all was just wondering if any of you know if ryan france as signed a new contract, moved else where or retired? thanks in advance
  12. good afternoon campers (doesnt have the same ring to it) but anyway. We bought a outwell hartford xl brand new a couple of years ago and went on a couple of holidays in it. the last holiday we had we was packing up and it started spitting with rain nothing major, but we rushed and packed it away with a veiw in to getting it out to air off when we got home but the weather was bad and didnt get the chance to. then i forgot about it ( silly i know) now we want to start going again i pitched the tent up to find it needs a good clean. it has a couple of marks on it which i dont know weather it is mould or staining but was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the best way to clean restore and get it back to the new look it had. also does anyone k now where i can buy the inner bedroom pode from cheaper then from outwell themselves. many thanks in advance rich
  13. i had the same bit of mis comunication and them not recieveing my text then they asked if i could deliver it but wasnt willing to cover the cost of travelling from one side of sheffield to the other ermmmmmmmm............................. no
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