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  1. Just received another bill that includes alternate insurance charges despite correctly filed s164 documents, they made the mistake of billing me by email and then entered into an email exchange when I challenged the bill. As they are now aware of the incorrect billing, is there anyone I can report them to when they do it again next year?
  2. Anyone know if Hunters Bar is clear? need to plan another route home if its flooded.
  3. Hi All I am looking at buying the freehold reversion for our Sheffield House from Coppen, I think we have about 850 years to go at £12.00 a year. Could anyone give me a rough idea of current cost including solicitors fees to get the job done, I have got sick of trying to get them to respond to my incorrect billing around required insurance, despite having the correct paperwork in place. Thanks Ian B.
  4. Cheers all. 6 bar might explain why I kept breaking Nilfisk pressure washers as its right on the input limit. Nothing else is having problems so will get a reducer for the ouside tap and see how it goes.
  5. 'cos it's flaky as. It gets very slow if lots of people try to use it at the same time, just surprised that the old ones have been pulled, but the replacements aren't being put in yet, there is only one machine working near the Hospital that gives 4hr parking tickets.
  6. Anyone know what is going on with the parking meters around the Hallamshire Hospital. Parked in one of the bays on Broomfield Road and then found that one meter was gone, another was off and barricaded off waiting for removal, and the third one was surrounded by sheet ice, which will be nice for the old folks trying to use it. The ones on Beech hill look to of been removed or shut down as well, are they getting replaced?
  7. Hi All Anyone know what the cold water mains pressure is likely to be in the S11 postcode? I keep breaking pressure washers and am wondering if the input pressure is too high? thanks Ian B
  8. I need to box up a bike for shipping, anyone know if anywhere in Sheffield sells them? I know I can get them from ebay, but they fold them which reduces the strength of the box.
  9. I have no intention of paying, just want them to stop billing me. Small claims court after paying seems like a nice big lever to make them stop. Not responding to polite written requests deserves a bit of a slap from my point of view, especially if their request has no legal basis.
  10. I know the standard advice is to buy the reversion (? spelling), but we pay £7 a year and have ~800 years still to run, so the costs involved don't look too tempting at the moment. That may change if we need planning for anything, but at the moment we don't. Just want them to stop putting these charges on our bill if they are not valid. ---------- Post added 12-04-2018 at 15:38 ---------- Maybe I should pay and then open a small claims process to get the money back? That might focus their idea of customer service a little?
  11. Just received another ground rent request from Coppen that includes charges for not using their required insurer. I have issued them with what I believe to be a valid s.164 Notice for each insurance period,including a copy of the insurance documents, always within the required notice period and by registered post. Is there any way to get them to remove these charges from our bill or to explain why they think the S.164 notices are not valid? The outstanding amount of charges is around £250.00 now. We always pay the ground rent component by cheque and these are cashed, so we know they are in receipt of our covering letter asking for these charges to be removed. Ian B
  12. Thanks for the offer but i think i need a proper job doing as it looks to have some sort of rollered effect done to it and i need a reasonable match to the existing render before painting.
  13. Hi all Can anyone recommend someone who can do a repair on tyrolean render in S11. We had new windows and need to patch in around the bay edge and also across all of the bay below the ground floor window, so not a huge area. Cheers Ian B
  14. Hi all Can anyone recommend someone who can do a repair on tyrolean render in S11. We had new windows and need to patch in around the bay edge and also across all of the bay below the ground floor window, so not a huge area. Cheers Ian B
  15. Done rescans and none of our boxes will pick up the multiplex D channels.
  16. Hi all My freeview has dropped some channels. I have lost all of the channels that are on the same mux as Film 4. I am on the Crosspool mast and have good line of sight and good signal strength for the other channels. Retune and factory reset haven't fixed it and its on all 4 tuners in the house. Any one else having problems?
  17. Following recomendation here, i went to JNC welding for a sump repair, and found them great to deal with, but they asked me to let the forum know that they have moved. They are now located at unit 10, Enterprise Park, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield S9 3JL. Their phone no. has also changed (i think) to 0114 243 5476. Judging by the amount of wheels stacked up around the place i suspect that a lot of the local refurb guys must use them to do their weld work.
  18. My understanding (though i have not investigated this) is that it costs more to use than it does to park in the 4 hour zone and then move at lunch time. Most of the time i do actually walk in, but when essential and hard to replace staff are quiting , rather than deal with the change, then there is a problem. Are moterbikes charged at the same rate in these bays? as this is an option for me.
  19. As a member of hospital staff who tried to use your **** poor excuse for a bus service because he could no longer park near the hospital, i have to say its a fine example of your work, and up to your departments usual standard. I would advise you not to mention your occupation if you have to attend the Halamshire for treatment any time soon. We have already lost 2 cleaners because they cant be bothered to try and get in by bus. Nice one
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