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  1. Where do you get these from and roughly how much do they cost?!
  2. If I had a pound for everytime someone asked me for a copy of this vid!!! :-)
  3. Yes I remember Scratch Mix! They did exsist! Greg Edwards was in this crew if I remember correctly! Think they night have been on the 'Calendar' t.v.footage? :-) think they were one of the younger crews around at this time.
  4. Well said bec265silver. Reading the comments made by phylis, I have been reminded why I stopped coming onto sheffield forum - there's always someone ready to jump in passing comments/and generally being rude and an arse and telling people what they should be doing - phylis obviously had no idea of your personal circumstances and dived in there offering contraception advice for god sake. Not everyone thinks the world owes them a living as bec265silver pointed out above, some people unfortunately need help when things in life dont always go to plan. I'm pleased to hear you've been offered a house bec265silver and many congrats on your forthcoming arrival! Hope it all works out ok for you and your family.
  5. Collette Finney's mum is a friend of my mum. Could possibly get you info on Collette and what she's up to if you pm me!
  6. John Cutts is my god mother's brother - saw him in November at a family party and is well :-)
  7. LOL - me and you have a lot in common posh! I too went back into the hallamshire last tuesday for further surgery and was home thursday. The staff are second to none and deserve a medal for what they do! Get well soon posh! Are you sore? - I am!! lol
  8. Any ideas how long offer is on for tricks?
  9. Ooooh now which one of Street Crew could you be?! lol
  10. I have to second what you have said posh girl - I was in the Hallamshire for surgery on Tuesday and home on Wednesday, and the staff there are absolutely lovely and nothing is too much trouble for them.
  11. No it's far from enough. STRING HIM UP! AND HER AS WELL - end of.
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