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  1. Is the Thorpe Hesley definitely on tomorrow
  2. Anyone know if Thorpe hesley is on tomorrow
  3. Lowedges festival sun august 13th 12noon-5pm Small car boot Also Doncaster and Oldcoates on all year round
  4. Near the bottom of Herries rod, you go under them just as you pass the road with Hallam FM on
  5. Amazon, gives you ideas of prices, Sheffield Space centre although not sure what they would offer, on sheffieldforum
  6. How many cars at millmoor and how much
  7. Amyrach - no date as to when event is and is it really in the evening??
  8. Hi all Does anyone know where I can have a couple of smoking pipes valued Thanks
  9. alison - think this may be a link to the sheffield market/car boot: http://sheffieldmarkets.com/markets/other-markets/temporary-markets-fairs-and-car-boot-sales
  10. dillm - can I check the date of the car boot please, Saturday 15th of what? 15th Sept and 15th Oct are not Saturdays
  11. stopambergo - you fogot to say when the jumble sale is
  12. Thorpe Hesley is decent - friendly and loads of sellers/buyers if weather is nice
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