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  1. Welcome to Sheffield! I'm sure you'll like the city. It's full of wonderful people (unfortunately a huge proportion of the grumpy ones seem to be represented on this forum but don't let that put you off!) I had quite a few dealings with Paul Blomfield and I have to say that I am very impressed by him. I don't agree with everything he says and does but that can be said about many people (I challenge anyone to name one person they are in absolute agreement about everything and anything with!). I contacted Paul about his stance on Syria and asked him how is his planning to vote (ie for or against bombing). His initial response was that he hasn’t fully made up his mind yet but he was leaning towards to vote in favour of bombing Syria and he outlined his reasons for this. I outlined my reason why I don’t believe bombing Syria is the solution to the problems we are facing. In the end he voted against the bombing Syria. He explained that he has received many emails from his constituents, he has had many conversations with constituents, colleagues etc and he has come to the conclusion that bombing Syria isn’t the right thing to do. He clearly outlined how he has come to this decision so it definitely wasn’t a case of being harassed by a large group of people. I found it refreshing that he openly said that he hasn’t made up his mind yet and that he needs to examine all arguments. I also contacted him about the leadership challenge and whether he is supporting the current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, or the challenger, Owen Smith. I was disappointed to hear that his support lies with the challenger but when Corbyn won with an overwhelming majority Paul Blomfield has confirmed that he respects the outcome and he will do anything he can to support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. I recently met Paul in person and I believe he is a decent man and works well with and for his constituents. Ultimately they are many different opinions out there so the best way to figure him out would be to meet him. Go to one of his surgeries or drop him an email. He is of course now on the front bench and is the Shadow Minister on Brexit too. What better subject to ask him a question about?
  2. Thank you Chipspice and Clown Shoes. Your comments are really appreciated.
  3. Thank you for the replies so far. Simone's experience does not fill me with confidence. Good luck in your job search. Is there anyone out there who does the journey daily? Unfortunately the timings of the 32 means I won't be able to use that one. Does anyone know what the public transport plans are to service that area?
  4. Hi everyone I am aware that there are already a few threads about this bus but I have a couple of questions I would like people's current opinion on. Things change and I don't find it very helpful and relevant trawling through comments that are quite old. The company I am working for is moving to Poplar Way. I am at this moment in time reliant on public transport. I am looking at either taking the 8.25am or 9am bus from the Interchange and the 4.32pm bus form Waverley, High Field Spring/ Brunel Way back to the Interchange. Is there anybody on this Forum who takes those particular buses and if so what is your experience with them? Are they reliable; ie. do they turn up on time? Are they really full and people get turned away? Thank you in advance and I would really appreciate if the moderators could keep this thread open and not link it with an old one. Annette
  5. Hi Sarah Woodseats Sewing Machines 0114 2552822. Excellent service and good price too. Annette
  6. Can anyone recommend a driving school please. I'm looking to do an intensive course (i.e. get it sorted quickly but I am not working to a deadline). I haven't driven before and I am in my mid thirties. Thanks
  7. But there is no cash to keep Libraries open, support Sure Start centres or of course a certain leisure centre. Ah well...
  8. Please read the article below and if people are interested in joining the campaign to try and stop this from happening contact me on here, via walkleyagainstlibraryclosures@gmail.com or via S.C.A.L.P. on facebook. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-22379489 Equally if you think this is a good idea also speak up. It'd be good to get a debate going. Annette
  9. Hi Ms Macbeth, unfortunately not. It's all a bit cloak and dagger to say they are planning on changing our library service. The statement tomorrow will only mention that 27 groups/ businesses/ face groups (no details on what or who) have registered an interest. The library staff has been told by their employer (the council) not to talk about this. If you want to start a campaign or join us please get in touch. The next city wide meeting is taking place on the 29th May at 6pm at the Library Theatre. Please come and tell people about it. We need to start building up the numbers to show the council people are bothered. Thanks Annette ---------- Post added 02-05-2013 at 09:23 ---------- The propsed changes to our library system have been talked about on the Toby Foster Show this morning. If anyone comes across anything about this in the Sheffield Star could you please let me know. Not seen anything yet. Thanks
  10. The council will release a statement to the press tomorrow about the proposed changes to our library system. Tune in to BBC Radio Sheffield tomorrow morning for an update. It would be great to hear from other neighbourhoods around Sheffield. Has anyone else started a campaign? Has a community group anywhere logged a registration of interest to take over the running of a library? It be great if everyone could please mention to friends, colleagues, neighbours that 14 out of our 27 community libraries will either close or be taken over by a business, faith group, social enterprise, community group..... So many people don't know. If you don't care about it maybe your neighbour does. Please tell people and if anyone has any questions tell them to get in touch with W.A.L.C. (Walkley Against Library Closures) walkleyagainstlibraryclosures@gmail.com or with me on here. Thank you
  11. Good morning Dan we have talked about the option of taking on the running of our library but the majority of people in our community (of the ones that have come to the meeting to discuss the future of our library) agree that such an option is not realistic. A library is about so much more than just taking out a book and we feel that this service should not be left to the good will of volunteers. Apart from what we the users get out of it, we also said that we will not be the ones that help this current government (local and national) to make people unemployed. We value our librarians and the library support staff and recognise that the work they do for the community is professional and cannot simply be replaced by a group of well meaning people. On a personal level I have started using my local library a lot more frequently after the birth of my daughter (approaching 2 years now). I take her to story time followed by some activities. We go to borrow books and she loves it there. The staff are brilliant and the number of books she is being exposed to is vast. I would not be able to afford to buy her that many books and I think my husband and I are still in the fortunate position of having some disposable income but certainly not that much that would allow us to buy 10+ books a week. Buying the books from Amazon is for me not the answer because Amazon in my mind fuels the problems we are having. And like I said. A library is about more than books. An eldery lady was very sad to hear what may be happening and she asked where else she is going to go to meet up with others in the community once a week for a chat and a cup of coffee (weekly coffee morning arranged in the library). The library has a homework zone after school, gives people access to the internet, coffee mornings, baby & toddler groups, 3 local schools use it etc etc etc. The list is long. I have spoken to a local shop across from the library who said they notice a huge difference in takings on the days the library is already closed. So should our library close shops on the local High Street will follow and this saddens me. South Road just seems to be picking itself up and a level of life and vibrancy has come back and with the best will in the world this will not stay. The number of times I have popped into the local shops on my way back home from the library is countless. Hand on heart I cannot say I would go quite as often because I wouldn't pass those shops anymore and having a child, a job, a house to run time is an issue. And yes I agree everyone who believes in a lifely vibrant local High Street should make an effort to support it but I am sure evryone knows that life isn't always that straight forward purely because of time commitments. An argument? Maybe not but a realistic comment nevertheless. ---------- Post added 10-04-2013 at 10:16 ---------- They are used. A lot. The reason for closure is not linked to people not using the libraries.
  12. Hi I have just posted a new threat about starting a campaign to save our libraries. Do you know if something is happening in your neighbourhood? Annette ---------- Post added 27-03-2013 at 21:55 ---------- Libraries are about so much more than taking a book home to read.
  13. Hello everyone I am part of the Walkley Against Library Closures Commitee and would just like to spread the word that 14 of the city’s 27 community libraries will either have to close, be taken over by private companies or run by voluntary organisations. In Walkley we have started a campaign trying to stop this from happening and we are hoping that other areas in Sheffield will also start making some noise to save our library services. Whilst out collecting signatures we have realised just how many people do not realise that our libraries are in danger of disappearing so this threat is purely meant to pass the word on and offer our support if someone wants to set up a camapign for their local library. We are working to save all 27 community libraries. If anyone would like some help, ideas etc please get in touch on either walkleyagainstlibraryclosures@gmail.com or via Sheffield Communities Against Library Privatisation - SCALP on facebook. Here is also a link to an online petition. Please sign and tell people about it. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/sheffield-city-council-save-sheffield-libraries?utm_campaign=share_button_action_box&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition Thank you Annette
  14. Hi does anyone know if there is a German speaking baby group in Sheffield? If not any German speakers here who'd like to start one? Thank you.
  15. I'm not Italian (German) but have started to learn the language a while back and then due to other commitments shelved the project. I'd love to meet up with my baby and maybe pick a few things up. Mainly because I have found the usual baby groups a little disappointing. Where and when do you meet?
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