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  1. hello everyone, does anyone know where i can go to find out about short "taster" courses in various craft courses? i.e metalwork woodwork glass leading, staining pottery sculpture i am trying to find out on behalf of my wife and we are both quite new to sheffield. (i left when i was a teenager and my wife is from the south) any help at all would be great. thanks gswift:)
  2. does anyone or know anyone that makes a living off e bay? not just conning people though! just a query out of interest.
  3. mines called stupid pile of cack
  4. really? i doubt it:suspect: i have bought loads of stuff from e bay and had no problems. so long as you use a bit of common sense;)
  5. yes i have bought pairs of trainers mostly off ebay and they were brand new in boxes and not fakes. depends what your after, dont expect complete bargains tho', or they will be fakes. always check feedback and all should be well:thumbsup:
  6. pm for you about a hypnotherapist
  7. obviously the moderator didint read my post as the thread is no use to me (sorry to nitpick!)
  8. hello everyone does anyone recommend anywhere for a wedding party venue (not a hotel) that can cater for about 40-50 people with some good food and good music afterwards - Must not be cheesey! preferably indie and dance music etc. somewhere with a bit a class if possible. thanks in advance for any advice! glen
  9. all estate agents are slimey two faced morons! i know i have dealt with enough of them. anyone in sales is basically paid to bull**** and lie to get a sale. oops that was a bit strong!
  10. hello i am the chef from lovers leap bistro and i would come here to eat but i have to cook so i can't! i reckon we are as good as any in sheffield. give us a try. when booking quote sheffield forum website and me (glen) we have a website if you are interested http://www.loversleap.biz
  11. why has no one mentioned tool !!!!!!!!
  12. thank you nomme that was very helpful
  13. sorry i am new to forum as i have just moved back to sheffield!
  14. not the reply i was hoping for! there must be loads of people with views on restaurants in sheffield, surely! any chefs belong to forum?
  15. hello i am a chef who has worked in london and abroad and started in sheffield would like to know other peoples views on sheffield restaurants to eat out ( i have my own views of course but would like to know about new places to try and your own views!) i have found other websites to be lacking or a bit out of date! anybody let me know (esp chefs!)
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