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  1. we used reeds rains to sell our house in beauchief last year.

    promised A QUARTER PAGE AD and did not give us one (gave excuses)

    did very little for the commission "earned".

    communication was very very poor.


    follow up on conveyancing and buyers was non existant.


    would not recommend them!


    would try to sell on internet yourself if i was you.



  2. hello


    we are builders and joiners and can do attic conversions.


    it all depends on many factors. roughly between £14k to £18k for complete conversion with a staircase.


    all this of course has to have building regulation approval and planning permission if you install a dormer window.


    if you are serious about it pm me and we can come round and give you an estimate and show you pictures of a previous one for you to look at to give you an idea.





  3. mercury mobile,


    anyone heard of these?


    (they are in Ingbirchworth,near penistone, S36 7GF)


    they sell one years sim with 200 anytime talk, any network calls for £59.99.


    sounds like its too good to be true?


    i am tempted to try them........:|


    they are listed on the which website also.





  4. the thing with new builds is that they pinch parts off rooms etc to fit in down stairs toilets, en suites etc.


    then they put small furniture in show homes to make it look bigger.


    also it takes you longer for the market price to catch up with a premium you pay for new homes.


    they are good for an "everything has been done" feel but don't have the character of an older home (obviously)


    also because you get a smaller plot you ususally get a smaller garden.


    i would go for older property even with the maintanance involved (which is ok if you keep on top of if)


    hope this helps.:)

  5. i have also used lewis wadsworth, found the insurance they make you take up annoying and the communication poor.


    but letting agents are all the same and dont really care so long as they get the money. better to communicate with the landlord if you can.


    i rented in london and found the same sort of things with fees etc.


    renting privately has been the easiest for me, just get a contract drawn up.

  6. i have also recently moved back to sheffield (2 years ago at the height of property hysteria in sheffield)


    I moved back from london and thought all the agents in sheffield were a nightmare.


    going for way above asking prices (obviously a sales tactic to create interest).


    i found them to be incompetent and down right arrogant but we all know that don't we:D


    also their communication was abysmal:o


    but i agree that everyone gets greedy, so who can blame them when estate agents of sheffield encourage it.


    :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:



    rant over:thumbsup:

  7. Originally posted by noseyrosie

    I don't want to sound like a retard....but what's the difference between a la carte and a set menu like in most restuarants?




    a la carte is individually priced dishes for each course.


    set menu is set price for usually 2 courses, 3 courses etc


    set menu is also sometimes called table d'hote.


    hope this clears it up:)


    i know as i am a chef:thumbsup:

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