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  1. For all of you who read my original post fair enough but decided against leaving it on I just wish they`d decide whats happening
  2. The co op has loads so I`m told (the 1 in woodhouse) I guess it depends where you are & how far you`re willing to travel
  3. I not heard anything either I live close by have you any more info?
  4. I applied online but still not heard! panicing now cos only entered 1 choice for the school all my sons mates will goto that his also a feeder school to the secondary I want him to goto, but it was not the first choice for his catchment area...Hope that makes sense ! My point is I`m worried now that I may also have to goto appeal.
  5. It would help if Rowlands had a regular Pharmacist, everytime I been in it`s a different one. The service is sometimes very slow in there but I`d rather they get it right first time than dispense/sell something that is likely to harm some one! Only been to Lloyds a few times was impressed on the checks they carry out on whats being prescribed sold but found waiting times just the same as Rowlands. With respect to the new pharmacy in the doctors/ health centre I have not yet used there services. With regard to the elderly findding it more convenient to call in there, surely it`s also taking business of the other local traders! That may be visited whilst going to the other two chemists.
  6. Can I suggest looking on Here http://www.wisebuyers.co.uk/ or one of the many price guide sites like Parkers... The car looks white in your link but description says pale blue don`t know if it matters to you, but thought I`d point it out if your wanting a white one! Good luck.
  7. Cheers for the warning..I`ll keep an eye on mine now..
  8. What age would you consider? I`m 40 years old looking for a lady to treat well !!!
  9. I will keep my eyes open I love these camper vans so should be easy to spot keep us informed. hope you find it safe & sound.
  10. The City school is open & So is Woodhouse West
  11. MY condolences go out to the family, and all the girls many friends who have been affected by this tragic loss.
  12. You need a pass for bus travel at the kids rate (40p) from the age of eleven. I know this cos my lad should have one but he looks much younger! I enquired last week was told to take a passport sized photo his birth certificate & proof of identity with his current address on it. It`s free for the first pass but if lost it`s a fiver to replace.This was at the place on Arrundel gate. Hope this helps.
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