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  1. about 10 queuing outside the asda queens road branch around 2pm security on door people adhering too the 2 meter rule outside
  2. got my asda delivery today arrived on time a few subs but got what i ordered nothing missing, but new rules drivers aren't allowed in flats any more they drop the stuff outside the communal entrance rather coming up the stairs with the sack barrow thing , i could manage it but thought i would let others know who might need help from a neighbour, friend ect..
  3. that's good idea i hope all the stores do it have got a online shop coming Thursday that's if it comes, but there are no slots going forward so will have too venture out at some point for basic foods
  4. was that one of the big stores or smaller branches ?
  5. from the asda website now Maximum of 3 units per customer on all products. At this time of high demand we’re working hard to keep our shelves stocked with products for everyone. We’ve always been proud to serve our customers with great products, and we’d ask all our customers to please shop responsibly so we can help make sure there is enough to go around
  6. hermes are still bad then they lost my item and gave me the run around not our problem guv type attitude the now defunct retailer was blaming them no help at all refused too do anything , had too get paypal involved too get a refund, a few years ago this mind , now i check before ordering if company uses hermes they don't get the order i buy elsewhere.
  7. in total i count 81 including the 5 hd channels in the living room now i thought both tvs i have were on the crosspool transmitter, but i have lost nothing on the bedroom tv all 15 hd channels are still there also i noticed some sd ones are not on the main tv either chan 93 . 96 for example. is my bedroom tv and indoor aerial on the emly moor transmitter then i struggle too get anything on that if the in built aerial booster is tuned off btw no probs with it switched on tho. found some info on the bbc site bedroom tv shows bbc4 hd and bbc news hd on frequency 55 and 56 when i select manual tune which would tally with the link below as being on emly moor if you put post code in it shows that info. https://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/check-for-transmitter-faults/#/undefined
  8. I'm left with just 5 hd channels today on the living room set 😒 outside Ariel is horizontal the bedroom TV which uses a indoor boosted Ariel and is on the window sil ,still has all the channels its in a vertical position having line of sight out of the window too the other transmitter helps i guess. could never get a picture using the indoor one in the living room too many bricks and walls in the way. can someone lend me a ladder 😂🤣😂
  9. Because it looks very poor on a larger tv even if it is just news, granted on the spare 32 inch old tv i have it's perfectly reasonable but bigger the screen the worse it looks your stretching those limited pixels too far i think SD is only 720 x 480 up-scaling can only do so much. and if you've spent a fair bit on a 4k tv watching stuff in SD is a bit pointless may as well have Kept the old fashioned crt tv. plus bbc4 is decent too sometimes documentary's ect that's another one we are losing.
  10. I got a on screen message on my tv yesterday regarding the closure of bbc news, so i must be on the crosspool transmitter disappointing news not enough HD channels too begin with, SD looks very poor on large sceen tvs ☹️ i wont be tuning in. one consolation bbc news 24 is available too stream live on bbc iplayer looks as good as the broadcast HD channel.
  11. I've had this also same boat only have BB 200mb from them, it's gone up £11 in three years now they upgraded me from 100 too 200 mb as i took there hub 3 on but still. most i have seen on wifi is about 111mb with my phone resting on the router get the full speed on wired though last time i checked .
  12. I noticed this buying a better tv with more advanced motion handling helped, but on my old tv i never noticed ball ghosting on match of the day ect during terrestrial broadcasts like on now tv makes me wonder how sky will fare when they ditch dishes and go fully broadband. now tv is getting a 1080p upgrade in august i've heard that might make it worse 🤔
  13. wondered what was going off got bah got no water in kettle 😩 taps bone dry here heeley green is effected too just spoke too a relative.
  14. just logged onto my property shop account with 17 years waiting time there are people above me in the Q, for all of the 36 properties available this week one bed flats in my case. i friend once told me some flats are let on a first come first serve basis a few years ago this though might not be current info you needed to go to howden house i believe, worth giving them a call.
  15. i hope the OP sister reports this police are aware of this going on I'm sure hight street is coverd by cctv it may help you never know, i do know someone who was targeted like this and had belongings stolen on this very same stretch of bus stops. be vigilant people
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