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  1. I've had this also same boat only have BB 200mb from them, it's gone up £11 in three years now they upgraded me from 100 too 200 mb as i took there hub 3 on but still. most i have seen on wifi is about 111mb with my phone resting on the router get the full speed on wired though last time i checked .
  2. I noticed this buying a better tv with more advanced motion handling helped, but on my old tv i never noticed ball ghosting on match of the day ect during terrestrial broadcasts like on now tv makes me wonder how sky will fare when they ditch dishes and go fully broadband. now tv is getting a 1080p upgrade in august i've heard that might make it worse 🤔
  3. wondered what was going off got bah got no water in kettle 😩 taps bone dry here heeley green is effected too just spoke too a relative.
  4. just logged onto my property shop account with 17 years waiting time there are people above me in the Q, for all of the 36 properties available this week one bed flats in my case. i friend once told me some flats are let on a first come first serve basis a few years ago this though might not be current info you needed to go to howden house i believe, worth giving them a call.
  5. i hope the OP sister reports this police are aware of this going on I'm sure hight street is coverd by cctv it may help you never know, i do know someone who was targeted like this and had belongings stolen on this very same stretch of bus stops. be vigilant people
  6. how is the build going nearly complete ? need a few bits from ikea will hang on if it's opening soon rather than trek to leeds .ta
  7. i heard it was a co op lorry backing into it .
  8. Walked past earlier asked two of the blokes working on it ,they said it's going to be a shop and some flats, summat useful at last. rather than a ruin,
  9. it's now up for auction 75k guide price plus vat any takers ? cant see it re opening as a pub,maybe it will get flattened and something useful built on it.
  10. No don't take on the chin at all he's caused accident and now trying to be clever go to police station snigg hill is open 24/7 and they Will fill in accident report for you take details brief statement ect you will need to take your insurance docs with you and some id then that will get passed to a PC in a few days im going thru a similar thing with a taxi driver who has damaged my car
  11. Sure it will fit you have a micro atx motherboard board the cooler master elite 430 takes this type and the larger atx boards i have a cooler master case there good quality
  12. The Mill Garden Pet & Aquatic Centre Whittington Way Chesterfield they sell tropical fish and have a cafe too. good range of fish dobbies too as others have mentioned
  13. yeah it's not far from town there was talk of this site being redeveloped a while back flats or something wished that would happen must have been set on fire 4 times in last 12 months the site is just bring left to rot
  14. it's on fire again now looks bad smoke billowing out a both ends of the factory
  15. Older games like Half life /half life opposing fronts and half life 2 , fear (may have to turn settings down a bit for the last 2) all good fps games would work with that set up i had a similar pc once check out steam online they have a summer sale on and list minimum specs for games the original deus ex is a good game too
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