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  1. Haha, are we even allowed to mention the European championships?
  2. Here is our book of civil law online: http://www.wetboek-online.nl/wet/BW1.html with the relevant article: Burgerlijk Wetboek 1 (BW1) Artikel 41 | BW1, Boek 1, Titel 5, Afdeling 1 1. Een huwelijk mag niet worden gesloten tussen hen die elkander, hetzij van nature hetzij familierechtelijk, bestaan in de opgaande en in de nederdalende lijn of als broeders, zusters of broeder en zuster. 2. Onze Minister van Justitie kan om gewichtige redenen ontheffing van het verbod verlenen aan hen die broeders, zusters of broeder en zuster door adoptie zijn. Which if I simply translate it for you says that you cannot marry if you're either by nature of by law (adoption) brother(s) or sister(s) both in descending and ascending line. So there you go. I can't make it any more official than that. Now as for your numerous references where can they be found????
  3. No it's not. (that is between siblings) I'm from the Netherlands and can say it's not legal. I only know that first cousins can marry (which mainly happens among immigrant populations), but that is also legal in the UK: http://www.weddingguideuk.com/articles/legal/prohibited.asp "Marriage of Cousins Despite the long list of degrees of forbidden relationship, you can marry a cousin (courtesy of Henry VIII who changed the law to marry his cousin!)." In Sweden you can only marry if you're half-brother and sister (not that I approve...) and is apparently the only European country where that's allowed (according to the bbc link). So also in France it's illegal to marry a sibling. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6424337.stm
  4. well, that was the original idea, but we found it to be a complete nightmare. First there is the property management, those lovely people from Blundell's, who (1) give the masterkey to anyone and everyone to enter your apartment practically every week, without warning (2) don't give a damn about any complaints (3) make false promises, and don't expect any bond back, even after leaving the apartment in a state better than new. do expect to be abused, threatened, and harassed, when you question their opinion. Then there are the lovely neighbours who like to welcome you by throwing stones at your windows, and don't expect Blundells to care about your safety, even when your windows are smashed. A lot of people who actually live there turn out to be a bunch of loudmouths and students, who take no notice of the fact that the walls are made of paper, and some people like to sleep during the night. The build quality is typical for a new apartment complex: i.e. walls are very very thin, and start to crumble at the slightest impact. And for some mysterious reason your electric bill will be 5 times as high as elsewhere, with no possibility of switching to economy 7. To sum up: we didn't enjoy it, and would recommend you look elsewhere for somewhere quieter, safer, and with nicer landlords. But that's just one opinion.. some people may love it!
  5. Just remembered, there is a photographer on Ecclesall road, near Tesco express, that could do different sizes. Unfortunately for me, they couldn't do a grey background.
  6. I had the same problem, but for Dutch passport photos. I couldn't find any photographer in Sheffield who did the right size and right background colour. In the end I went to a photographer close to the consulate (in Manchester), since the consulate had said in their letter that they would do the right photos! Maybe you could ring your consulate to ask if they know any photographers that can make the correct photos?
  7. Hi Katy, same experience here! I thought it would be one long struggle, but I really enjoyed it! I ran (or should I say jogged ) at an easy pace to make sure I would make the full track (only made it up to 10 miles when training) rather than running faster and having to walk the last bit. Like you said, at least it leaves a lot of room for improvement It has definately encouraged me to do more races! No full marathon for me though, although my boyfriend is considering that, since he got such a fast time! Hannah
  8. Hi Katy, can't offer you much advice, but I am feeling the same nerves, since I'll be running it for the first time too! The advice I've been given, is not to do much in the last week. So i'll be doing just a bit of cycling and won't do anything at all on friday and saturday. And I won't eat anything unusual, just in case... Good luck! Hannah
  9. try http://www.mapmyrun.com and good luck with the training and the race of course!
  10. Righto.. although personally I don't think the Dutch cuisine is much to be proud of ... (that is the main meal stuff, not the breads, biscuits and sweets) I didn't know the word for witlof is chicory, learn something new everyday. I've never seen it in the supermarkets over here, but then I don't like it anyway.. I read the news on the internet too, and sometimes some televisionshows on http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl I have to admit I once watched Jan Smit's show.. ooooooooooops
  11. en koopmans oliebollenmix kan je hier ook niet krijgen natuurlijk, maakt het er ook alleen maar lastiger op. ik heb ze weleens samen met m'n moeder gebakken maar in m'n eentje zal ik er wel een zooitje van maken vermoed ik zo. ik kan trouwens op t moment het beeld van glacekoeken niet uit m'n hoofd krijgen. stom eigenlijk want in NL at ik die ook amper, maar als je iets niet **** krijgen, wordt het des te aantrekkelijker natuurlijk..
  12. haha en er was overigens ook een poffertjeskraam. Volgens mij liep die kroketten- en frikandellenkraam toen als een trein, of niet? Mijn broer was in december langsgeweest met een kilozak drop, alleen had ie de helft al onderweg hierheen opgegeten omdat ie zo'n honger had... Bij de Holland & Barret heb je trouwens van die panda drop.
  13. well, I don't know how many there are, but a few replied to the 'Emigrating to Sheffield' post in the Moving to/Living in Sheffield section and there was a thread here once about Dutch lessons as well.. a forum group could be fun.. doe mij maar gevuld speculaas
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