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  1. Every time I visit Sheffield i always stand at the marples and reflect on the days of innovation, fun, and music. What a place it was so many great people I knew and we were all apart of something that was fantastic but something we did not understand at the time but on reflection what a time in history of music. Never forget some of the people Big John, Rat, Frosty, Dog and many more. I remember we did a photo shoot for a student or journalist at a derelict church for what I can't remember but would love to see the pics. I remember all the many bands and the wallpaper posters with sprayed information advertising the gigs dotted around town. Such happy days loving this thread
  2. hi there yeah its me had some conatct with him last year via email but lost details as computer wiped. Love to catch up with him when i next visit if he up for it
  3. go to fight back forums special website on advice regards motoring issues
  4. Theres nowt odd about a fire in a retail warehouse arson or otherwise. Fire is very damaging and easily can knock a business out of action for some time speculate all you want but it has happened and the reality is that the damage is done
  5. My opinion for what its worth about the issues in the program are as follows. There seems to be issues about social deprevation lack of parental control and ethinic tensions. We need to look at how we raise our kids and the values they hold we also need to look at our immigration policies and how the lack of intergration of new communites affect the native population. Before anyone screams racist or social biggot I am a realist our culture is rotten with the lack of control or respect young people have for others and the fact that our diverse communities are at times very insular and not inter grated due to religious or cultural beliefs raises tensions. The destruction of public services due to budget constraints affects us all central goverment have a total dislike for public services and are willing to destroy communities and then wonder why folk are not happy at the lack of police or fire cover and things are getting out of hand.
  6. It's all Braveheart politics too much thinking with the heart and not the head most folk I know here don't want it most of what your read is media hype talking about something they know nothing about
  7. Good job Victor Meldrew is not from Sheffield as I'm sure he would love to comment
  8. Good luck chasing a greyhound that's like a traffic warden running after a porsche for a ticket
  9. cream per chance? loves the sweet stuff huh
  10. The point is smoke alarms save lives test it or risk it you decide unfortunately if offering a pizza voucher is the only way of getting folk to wake up by bribing them then that is money well spent compared to the cost of the loss of life, house, belongings, emergency response etc. Push your button not your luck
  11. I remember Cuneo ice cream vans coming down Arbourthorne always got a strawberry cone the guy always wore a pork pie hat and was funny with jokes and banter
  12. Visit this website and read the section on tickets you will find that you will get 3 letters threatening all sorts but nowt happens. Stop the profiteering of companies who use loopholes in the law to extort money via parking charges. Search for the company in question and you will find the answer http://forums.pepipoo.com/ spread the word to all your friends and family and stop the parking rip off that shames this country
  13. I prefer the "Whizzer and Chips" as more educational and realistic than the other 2 comics
  14. The invisible man he served his purpose by deciding to run with the Tories now just sit there and keep your mouth shut as your party is dead but remember to nod occasionally for David theres a good chap!!!!!! That was a party information guideline on behalf of the we have fecked it up party
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