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  1. hi my airbag light is flashing on the dash board,Does anyone know how i can solve this please...thanks
  2. no its not a tick its definatley a wart
  3. hi my dog as got a wart on her face, which she as had for a couple of months now,she is 4yrs old.is there any treatment i can buy to get rid of this,,,thanks
  4. Thanks for your advise i will look into this,she is a very loving dog she follows us everywhere if one of us go to bathroom she will stay with other but if there is only me she will follow and sit outside bathroom and same if its only hubby with her.she always has to sit with us as well and doesnt like to be left on her own.i would love to find out her background and why she was a rescue dog but cant seem to find out how too.But i will use the advice you have given me THANKS ....
  5. hi i bought a dog of someone last year,she was a rescue dog from greece,the owners said they had her for a while but wife was pregnant and could not cope with it.he sent me her passport through post and i realised they had only had her for a few weeks. she is a beautiful dog very timid, she loves to go out but every time we put lead on her collar she starts to boak so we use a harness and she is ok,also she barks at other dogs if they come near her she hides behind us shes so scared.we have noticed apart from family if a man calls to our house she runs under table or gets behind hubby.how can i find out about her background to to why she is like this anyone know...
  6. hi can anyone help please,im looking for a pup or small dog.can anyone suggest where best place to look please......
  7. people think they are helping others out thats why they give them for free,not to fill others purses up
  8. cant believe people are getting really good things off here and gumtree for free and then putting them on facebook to sell.should be banned.
  9. does anyone know of a qualified electrician in sheffield please
  10. hi does anyone know where i can store my motor home please in sheffield
  11. thanks love but ive bought some of ebay got them this morning but they dont fit the screws
  12. anyone know where i can buy screwdivers from to open my nokia lumia 520 phone
  13. I drive past joblot every day and it seems that they have now got a permanent cabin , so i should imagine it will be open week days at least.
  14. yes gud laughton he was called n his son was john,i know because im his daughter,sadly my dad died 7 years ago,he loved that pub like we all did
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