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  1. Decided to get another. Went not bad at all 1 of neighbours saw me on front blowing seed tray and now ive got 3 lol. This time mixed easy. No major squabbling
  2. Thanks. Probaby leave as 1 as getting another cage for temporary isnt worth it as no were to put it especially if they dont go together.
  3. I bought a budgie and cage.. Was told it was about 1 and male .lutino so not 100% on it being a male.. Cage big enough, should i get him a friend. Seems to like his plastic friend lol Thanks ken
  4. It's fun every year when I get the message from talk talk saying they have been trying to get in touch ( offers ). They don't seem to understand that no phone plugged in means they can't phone me. Plus no interference from phones
  5. I haven't had an home phone plugged in for years. Use for bb only. If someone wants me use mobile
  6. Had same on 4 & 5. Too quick for download lol. On view but not actually available works as soon as it is
  7. you need to upgrade first. once its registered you can use disc to do fresh install as the pc/ laptop will be on the system not the original coa. it wont work if you try to instal fresh dont like downgrade back to original os
  8. but if you've already upgraded from 7 or 8 it gives you a standard upgrade code all same
  9. I know win 10 gives you a free minecraft download if you own pc / mac version Cant see graphics being any worse but all rest should be fine. Have you checked if his old 1 worth repair? Ken
  10. Also a lot of places inside where there is no phone coverage so if thats the case then no
  11. Yep. Could but dont understand the instructions lol ---------- Post added 02-02-2015 at 16:20 ---------- Got a newer 360 so im sorted now thanks ---------- Post added 05-02-2015 at 20:56 ---------- bought another off market other day faulty to have a play with see if I can do it lol guess what ?...................... same fault ---------- Post added 09-02-2015 at 18:06 ---------- Sorted now. I switched boards. easy, found opening the console harder :-)
  12. Only going on whats on net mrbit. Says theres wires as well as pushin on them. Changed boards over before on pc dvds but never on 1 for xbox 360 thanks
  13. Ill see what gets offered. Been offered a couple of bundles good price. Waiting to see if anyone offers console for a good price first. Thanks ken
  14. The soldering part on the liteon drives puts me off lol
  15. Wont read games alot and does actually stick ocasionally. Thought replacing was best idea. Problem is that looks like liteon are soldered as well. Thanks ken Flashing i meant by key not unlocking. Ta
  16. Anyone flash these drives ? I can get 1 of ebay but seems a bit much changeing the board or key. Its the big black version. How much if anyone can? Thanks ken
  17. do I understand right that itll be like the 8.1.. if so and I took up the offer and after the 12 months I decided to reinstall would I have to pay for the upgrade? thanks ken
  18. as I said earlier if you find it wont activate. run the disc again as an upgrade. works and activates then
  19. as an update. email recieved saying paperwork in the post. keep same router. line rental plus £3.50. no calls included except to other talktalk. like said not bad as dont use phone to be worthwhile the £8.50 and didnt want the tv. £5 saving a month for me lol and phone line still connected. downside is ive got to sign up for another 18 months
  20. only know of 1 in greasbrough whos good. may be a bit far for you though
  21. Strange that 7 drivers all work with 8 if you get stuck. Never had the need to revert to 7 once id installed start menu. Even swapped mate his 8 upgrade for my 7 upgrade
  22. Be nice if they do but they probably on about the free upgrade from 8 to 8.1 . I've got 2 copys and found that both worked as full installs. 1 then started saying the upgrade only warning and wouldn't activate.. Solution : Use same disk to upgrade itself. It works but then you'll need to clean up the old files it leaves ---------- Post added 30-12-2014 at 12:01 ---------- Better add. They not copies they original. 1 is the boxed retail upgrade, other is just a downloaded code from Microsoft
  23. Yes but first look on net for a windows start menu for free and install that.then you can dabble with 8 when you want but use it like 7
  24. in manage hard drive you can delete d and expand c using that space. (can on 8 anyways and sure 7 did ) for ssd havent got a clue as not used with above 16g on a notebook so not tried. info will be on google. its usually there somewhere lol
  25. I'm in contact on net with them at moment trying . Hopefully this time I'll get the offer I want
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