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  1. Great cause and I will be spreading the word to all I know. If you need any help mik let me know - apart from the running!!!
  2. Just thought I would add some sanity to the ridiculous comments made by ill informed people on this site. I have just been reading the summary of the independent panel's report and came accross one of many staments and findings I could have copied, however, given the nature of the comments here I thought I would copy this: 25.From the documents provided to the Panel it is clear that the crush at the Leppings Lane turnstiles outside the stadium was not caused by fans arriving 'late' for the kick-off. The turnstiles were inadequate to process the crowd safely, and the rate of entry insufficient to prevent a dangerous build-up outside the ground. If anyone would care to take the time and read the panel's report I suggest they also look at pages 2 & 3 of the summary. Here it clearly states that it was more a case of luck that the same scenario didn't happen in 1981, the semi-final between Spurs and Wolves. I know that there are always people on here who will always find the blame lies with "mindless drunken scousers". However, I have lived in Sheffield for over 23 years and I am very pleased to say I have never met anyone from Sheffield who agrees with you or your opinions. As they have the forsight to understand it could so easily have been their father, son, husband, wife, mother or daughter on that fateful day.
  3. Thanks everyone. Martin, it is one my daughter made so it has sentimental reason for wanting to keep it - otherwise wouldn't bother.
  4. Not just for a bookmark. Probably would never need one again.
  5. I need to get a small piece of card laminated to protect it from falling to bits. Anybody know who or where will do this for me ? Have asked at the libraries but they don't do it. Cheers
  6. It was a real heroic effort by Macklin and I had him just ahead because of the way he dominated the early rounds. But as you say to have 2 judges giving 116 - 112 is robbery, if it had been over here or Ireland then he might have had a fairer chance. Also don't get me started on how long he was left in the ring on his own at the start !! A disgrace.
  7. Hit the nail on the head AJ. Kell was really focused and fought a really good fight against a tough opponent, plenty of brain as well as brawn throughout the 12 rounds. The fight after that wasn't too bad either.
  8. I'm just up and about after 3 days but no strength at all, I feel sorry for the little ones who are suffering, it's horrible.
  9. "The Abbeydale Gardeners" did my daughters garden and carried out a really good job. I would definetely recommend them.
  10. I too have been having a bad time with aol recently, I was told by one of the few people in India who could speak english and understand me that I shold change my filter. As I need to be online for at least the next month I cannot change yet, but I will be seeing as my 18 months are up:hihi:
  11. try the gypsy queen near crystal peaks, been twice and it was very nice. go early though!
  12. I'm sorry I have to agree 45 is not old, no matter what my daughter thinks!!! I still play football twice a week and feel as fit as a fiddle.
  13. As Darth Vader has said above click on the link he has posted, read it. Then decide if it only right to expect the authorities and institutions to organise a football match and provide a reasonable level of care for those who were attending it. Justice Taylor is still waiting for evidence of the "hundreds" of drunken Liverpool supporters, so 1 of these days - I am sure the new enquiry would appreciate you sending your evidence to them!
  14. So ticketless fans storming a gate isn’t fan unrest they can try and re-write history and airbrush the details as many times as they like but the simple fact remains ……….. If they hadn’t opened the gates people would have been crushed outside and we would be saying “ why didn’t they open the gates In 1988 when the congestion arose around the same turnstiles, the police delayed the kick-off. In 89 the same request was made by a PC who knew a delayed kick -off would relieve the pressure. So the likely hood of deaths outside is remote, under proper and adequate suprvision. As Forest were allocated to over 60 turnstiles for entrance to the ground Liverpool supporters had access to 23 - which were all situated in one corner. In 1986 a police memorandum was written to senior officers warning that the Lepping Lane turnstiles do not provide anything like the access required. Finally, Sir Justice Taylor sumised there was no substance to the allegation that ticketless fans caused the disaster. This is not just a biased scouser airbrushing history, but someone who has seen ordinary people left hollow through institutional incompetence, as they search for someone just to say "sorry, we messed up"
  15. Dave is yourd the big sign opposite the garage at Townend? if it is I'll definitley pop up and have a listen and donate some money, as I'm only down the road.
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