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  1. It's great that it's open and to be able to see inside, BUT it is very expensive for what you get to see - £15 for one hour and not many rooms is a lot compared to other houses. You have to do the tour with a guide which is informative but you don't get long to look around each room. They're a bit hit and miss with the organisation of everything - they've got the website, social media, etc and they're not using any of them well - you end up having to ring up to book tickets then having to drive out to the house to collect them. It's probably worth it for a nose once, before it gets turned into a hotel and museum, but I'm not sure I'd rush back at that price.
  2. That's because the rest of us hate you for having 5 foot tall runner beans Mine are barely 6 inches tall and fighting a losing battle with the slugs
  3. Westways School in Crookes has its annual Wildlife Garden Open Day this weekend (12 May 2012) from 11am - 2pm. There will be a number of activities available including making grass heads, boggarts, pebble painting, face painting, plant a bean, henna tattoos, bicycle smoothie maker and garden trails, as well as refreshments being available. The wildlife garden will be open for people to visit, as well as being able to see the garden areas established in the school grounds. There will also be a tombola, craft stall and plant sale - anyone with any spare plants please get in touch! All proceeds raised go towards maintaining the garden and supporting the children and school to become more involved with gardening and using the garden space. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.
  4. The 'results' of the consultation were a case of lies, damned lies and statistics - i.e. they just pick and chose the ones they want to 'make their case'. The consultation covered plot holders and those on the waiting lists. As MC55 says many of those who only pay 50% are quite happy - and openly said so, both at the consultations and on site. Many on the waiting lists were also happy as they are often so keen to get an allotment they don't see it as a lot of money - nor do they realise quite how little they get for their money! I asked the question at one of the consultation whether they had figures for people who were already plot holders and paid 100%, and whether they were happy with the proposals. Needless to say they didn't have those figures but did acknowledge they probably wouldn't be! It was also said, approximately 40% of people get the 50% rate. SCC has the benefit of having in house lawyers to give opinion on whether they have a case, but that's all it is. It doesn't mean they are correct, but the only way they or us will find out is if it goes to court. I'd guess many people haven't even heard of the Fed and if they have they probably don't see it as relevant to their allotment activities these days - if you've ever been to one, you won't! A minority of people on our site belong to the Association, if they have any issues with their allotment site they go direct to the Allotment Office or councillor.
  5. Erm, aren't epi pens prescribed? The allotment office use this very forum. OK not that often, but they've responded to a number of queries on here recently.
  6. Really Yes you can keep them on allotments, subject to certain conditions. We have them on our site, they were roundly welcomed - including by one person who was allergic them, and carried her own epi pen... As MC55 says contact the allotment office for the correct info.
  7. You don't need to chit your potatoes, you can plant unchitted ones and they'll be fine. Should still be able to get them
  8. I believe Sheffield Council is taking legal advice in light of this case, the results of which should be known this week
  9. You've either planted it too deep or you've got an awful big garden to lose it in
  10. Sorry split mine last year, but now is the perfect time to do it whilst the plants are still dormant. Although with the mild weather at the end of last year some may alrady be growing again/still by now.
  11. Someone has a peach tree on our allotments which fruited quite well last year - our site faces North as well
  12. I'd avoid carpet for those reasons, but one of the problems is the over time it does break down making it even harder to move/dig out.
  13. It's a bit early for them yet, but if you know of anyone who grows them, ask for a few. You only need a few and think very carefully where you are going to plant them otherwise they'll try to take over your garden/allotment!
  14. Count up the barrow loads to move the whole lot, calculate the cost per barrel and then charge accordingly? It's not exact (as Sibon says different sized barrows) and involves a lot (!) of counting but probably more accurate than trying to work it out beforehand.
  15. I'd wait a bit 'til it's fully died back and completely dormant - mine's still growing. Use a good sharp spade and try and split it in one go if you can. But to be honest it's a pretty forgiving plant.
  16. How many sprouts are you planning on growing? Just pick them as you need them, they'll keep on the plants for a while and be far, far nicer than frozen ones. However if you do get overrun with them you blanch (cook) them for 3-4 mins first, then cool them down in iced water to stop them cooking further before freezing them. As for part cooking them for 10-20 mins Guess it depends whether you like them soft/soup
  17. Find someone with a compost bin, they'll be plenty in there
  18. Nope tried that, didn't seem to have any effect
  19. Hagg Lane and Hagg House are different sites.
  20. The site is bordered by Rivelin Valley Road, Hagg Hill and Bole Hill Road.
  21. The waiting list is in single figures at the moment and the person at the top of the list has only been waiting for just over a month. Probably be some more plots come up soon after recent inspections. Probably the shortest waiting list in S10/S6 if anyone's looking for a plot, but not necessarily for the faint hearted - lots of trees around and hard work clearing the plots. You can see more info about the site via our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2382433712
  22. :hihi: Can't imagine they're taking that much money.
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