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  1. I love Aldi, especially as their food can be pretty sophisticated for the price. Their products often win 'taste test' type things. Geoff, if you like premium beers, try their 'St. Breda' lager (99p/500ml) it's lovely - and deceptively strong! PS. No, I don't work for Aldi. I like nice stuff, but my favourite thing is getting nice stuff cheaply!
  2. my favourite definition of infinity is that it's like washing up - You think that you've washed every darn pot in the house but there's ALWAYS another cup! Works with most other kinds of housework too...
  3. That'd work fine those few weeks you're in Uni but that's only about 3 weeks at the start of each semester. The rest of the time is school placement, and chances are slim to none that you'll be placed near home - one of my schools was in Rotherham and some of my sheffield-based colleagues ended up in Lincoln. I think someone even went to Grimsby!
  4. I did the secondary course, but I imagine the pattern is much the same... If I were you I wouldn't commit to any extra responsibilities, cos although most of the time you'll be doing school hours there is a LOT more work (lesson planning, marking, assignments etc.) and you'll be really tired in the evenings too - when I was on TP I used to fall asleep over my marking in front of the 6-o-clock news most evenings! Plus a lot of the lectures are in the evenings. That said it was a great experience! Good luck
  5. Gutter - an extra bit on the lefthand margin to give a binding edge. Most commercial DTP seem to use Quark Express. Tape is still commonly used for commercial backup tho it's expensive Easy screenshots... Press 'print screen'. Open Paint or similar. Paste. Works every time for me!
  6. terrible accident at level crossing in Yorkshire - sign said 'do not cross while light is red'
  7. My BFs mum sent him a food parcel from Japan, and he made me try salted rice porridge with a pickled plum... UUUURGUHERRRGHH!!
  8. that couple from the direct line car insurance ad... you know, the really smug cow and her moronic bufoon of a boyfriend...
  9. Wouldn't that be saying the same as "Motorway 1 motorway"?
  10. Cheap tomato cup-a-soups always do it for me - they are basically sugar and salt in water, so they work like rehydration salts, but taste (a bit) nicer.
  11. Same here... Nothing you can do except leave them to it, they have to hit bottom to come up again. Trying to help just gives them your permission to carry on. It's taken my ymum 20 years to work that one out.
  12. You need - some large sheets of paper, a pin and a pencil. Lay the jeans on the paper so that one complete 'pattens piece (eg frotnt leg or whatever) is FLAT on the paper. prick holes into the paper with yr pin around the edge of the fabric piece. take the jeans off the paper and join up the pin holes with pencil - voila! A pattern piece! And you didn't have to unpick the old pair... Once you've got yr pattern yr going to need a pretty heavy duty needle for yr machine cos if its anything like mine it throws a giddy fit at denim! When you cut out yr pattern leave an extra cm or 2 'seam allowance' round the edge so you have room to do any double-stitching or whatever. I never actually made any jeans so this is just general stuff, but hope it helps!
  13. My ex did HND computing at Hallam - he now works as a DBA so itt seems to have been some use!
  14. unless you'r using hotmail, which blocks pics - there will be a line of text above the message but below the header with a link to unblock the pics. that only works for that one message, tho - I think you have to twiddle with yr privacy settings to stop it happening.
  15. I bought an apparently 'impossible to find' hello kitty pendant, and after a mix-up got 2 in the post... Still worth much less than the £15 I paid!!
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