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  1. hello hoof hearted .. in some ways we have dumbed it down but ...we still use all the recipies and all the methods we use so we might of changed the cuisine type but not the standard the food still gets my undivided attention
  2. Desserts £5.50 Warm chocolate fondant Earl grey ice cream Vanilla cheesecake simply Crème brule of tonka bean Sable biscuits, coffee cream and prunes de Agen Baked fresh egg custard tart Simply Peach bellini Sorbet, jelly, foam and crackle Sticky toffee pudding Earl grey ice cream Cheese plate Selected cheeses, local and continental with 3 chutneys and biscuits there we go ... desserts ... sorry didnt post them before .... if you decide when you want to come i mean on what date let me know and wee will book you in
  3. there is always a chance of anything but i can only buy kobe in large quantities so we would need to get a minimum order of 10 and a deposit to cover the cost if your interested let me know
  4. we will have kobe on in the new year ... but please come and try our november menu, which has a really good quality beef dish on were using balmoral estate fillet - the very same hurd that heston at the fat duck uses so its still an amzing piece of beef
  5. after christmas the kobe will be making a come back deffinately but at the moment we have given it a break ... yes we cater for anyones needs weather its vegan vegi .. nut allergy or any other wants and needs just ask see u all soon i hope john farrar head chef 23
  6. Hello guys how we all ?? Good I hope!!??!! been a few weeks since I posted last been busy with various things at the restaurant one of which is changing the structure of our new and exciting menu. we still make everything fresh on the premises and still endeavour to reach the highest possible pinnacle when constructing any given dish as we try to make this restaurant more appealing to you our guests ...we have made the food less pretentious and more comercially viable meaning there are more food types that are comforting like the old bangers and mash ... still using ultra creamy and buttery smooth mash with Jimmy butlers (pork farmer of the year) sausages ... we do a pork pie chips and peas all home made bound with white and black pudding, haggis and confit of chicken , real spicey served with mustard cream sauce made from the cooking juices ... steak and chips .. and lots of other timeless classics enjoy .. Nibbles before your starters… Selection of home baked breads 2.00 butter, olive oil and aged balsamic Kalamata and colossal Verdi 2.50 house marinated olives Home baked garlic and goats cheese bread 3.50 Charcuterie of European meats 4.50 with rustic home made bread Vine tomato and basil, bruscetta (v) 3.00 Rabbit, pancetta and mustard on toast 4.00 Parma ham, tomato and basil bruscetta 4.00 Salads Tomato, olive, rocket and parmesan salad (v) 4.50 Smoked chicken Caesar salad 6.00 Artichoke, red pepper and gremolata salad 5.00 Vine tomato and Parma ham 5.50 mozzarella, rocket and parmesan Starters Pumpkin risotto with a pecan caramel (v) 5.00 Saffron risotto sweet red pepper (v) 5.00 Sweet herb and asparagus risotto (v) 5.00 Beetroot cured salmon and gravadlax 6.50 warm potato and horseradish Chicken pate, chutney, warm toasts 4.50 Salmon fish cakes 5.00 saffron and caper vinaigrette Chefs soup 3.00 Egg Benedict 5.00 Roast Isle of Skye hand dived scallops 8.00 Risotto Milanese Mains Pot roast chicken breast 11.50 potato puree and pancetta Margarita pizza 8.95 fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella (v) Cannelloni of red peppers, cheese fondue (v) 10.00 Lincolnshire pork sausages 10.00 garlic mash and red wine jus Saffron and red pepper fish pie 14.00 Sweet vegetable pizza 9.95 mozzarella and parmesan (v) Pan fried sea bream bouillabaisse 14.00 Curry of sweet potatoes 9.50 with lemon couscous (v) Chinese pork casserole 14.50 udon noodles and pak choi Braised lamb shoulder and aubergine 14.50 Thai chicken curry 11.50 soba noodles and pak choi “Pork pie chips and mushy peas” 12.50 Seared Tuna and baby sweet corn pizza 8.95 Pan roast fillet steak, lentils and peppercorns 19.50 14oz rib-eye steak and chips with 4 sauces 16.95 Sides 2.00 Home cooked chips Buttered new potatoes Wild Garlic Mash Broccoli Buttered greens Lemon scented mixed leafs Tomato salad with red onion Rocket salad
  7. thanks foryour coments baldyshef ... and of course there traditional home cooked ... as is everything at the restaurant plug plug.....hehe
  8. friends me ?? ha ha .. i have met him a few times yes .. i think he cut my hair last time
  9. Christmas 2006 Dinner Menu : Mon-Thur £25 Fri & Sat £35 Starter Plate of salmon Home cured gravadlax, beetroot cured salmon, salmon tartare Egg mayonnaise Smoked paprika crisp lettuce tomato espuma Ham hock and black pudding pressing Butternut and truffle balsamic Ravioli of golden cross goats cheese Pecan nuts and pumpkin Rillet of rabbit and chicken liver parfait Caramelized fig and pear, and toasted brioche Main Young corn fed chicken cooked 2 ways, confit and pot roast Apricot and sage farce, choux croute and red wine sauce Rare roast flank of Aberdeenshire beef Root vegetables, puy lentil, sherry vinegar and horseradish gnocci Roast Goosnargh duck breast Choux croute, Alsace bacon, potato croquette and red wine sauce Cannelloni of goats cheese and smoked pimento Swiss cheese fondue and braised cos lettuce Roast fillet of turbot en crepenettte Tarragon mouselene, sweet potato douphinoise, chicken and marjoram jus Desert Sticky toffee pudding Prune de argen earl grey and mascarpone Warm griotine cherrie pie Christmas pudding ice cream Vahlrona chocolate plate Yorkshire cheese selection 3 chutneys, biscuits, celery and mums Christmas cake Philadelphia cheese cake Christmas 2006 Lunch menu: Mon-Sat £15 Starter Salad of melon and vanilla Chicken liver pate melba toasts Leek potato and roast garlic soup Main Cannelloni of goats cheese and smoked pimento Roast fillet of turbot sweet herb risotto Roast beef sirloin with seasonal local vegetables Roast turkey with seasonal local vegetables Desert Cheese and biscuits (supliment £3.00) Sticky toffee pudding Lemon tart crème fraiche sorbet
  10. http://www.23barandrestaurant.co.uk now up and running will be updated with more food pictures soon enjoy
  11. i have a few steaks on the menu now .. balmoral (queen mothers herrd) Aberdeenshire beef 16 oz so it is BIG!!!! and its good tasy meat too cooked in olive oil to get plenty of butter then a clove of garlic, thyme and rosemary just to icorp more flavour rested and served yummy come try it served with massive home cooked chunky chips its a EFFIN good piece of meat
  12. thanks dan thanks everyone im sure i will need all the luck i can be wished ... i just won a comp yesterday so perhaps that could be a little bit of confidence and an added 750 quid as well woop
  13. your welcome to come in and have ANYTHING you want (KSFF)
  14. nick i was just thinking the same this fine morning haha strange that is...
  15. Meroveus Registered User Join Date: Apr 2005 Location: Walkley Posts: 145 Status: Offline Did you ever give any thought to having more than one vegetarian option in your starters/mains? Bloody typical. __________________ hello chef here ... i know that vegiterians get a bit of hard time going to some restaurants risotto ... vegetable millefeuile roast vegetables all splashed with either pesto or tomato coulis or whatever the normal is these days and i appriciate that so thats why each of the 2 starters and 2 mains i have on as vegetarain choices are very carefully thought out and are very tasty dishes that in some cases are better sellers and better dishes than there meaty brothers and sisters but if in any case you dont like either of the choices give me a call at the restaurant and i will cook something to your taste without a worry , i had a vegetarian man and woman phone last week and went to the table just to say yes we only have to choices on the menu but they are very competent dishes just so they didnt feel left out i offered that they shouldnt feel abbliged to have one because thats just the choice i have lots of food stuff in the kitchen to do lots with so there is always room for ready steady cook thanks guys john farrar
  16. clogginchris :- the noise is been adressed as we speek plans are been made for a sound proof curtain to be put up .. as for the bfg revisited ... the deserts are a little more special now we have had time to spend with them please come see for your self ..
  17. patrick the web address is http://www.23barandrestaurant.co.uk under construction 01142722323
  18. Starters Golden Cross Goats Cheese Nutmeg and Spinach Ravioli 7.50 Butternut squash, pecan praline and summer truffle Piperade and Aubergine Caviar Omelette 6.50 Red pepper and tomato juices Roast Cornish Hand Dived Scallops 9.50 Osso Bucco, risotto Milanese and red pepper fume Pan Roast Fillet of Balmoral Estate Beef, Isle of Skye langostine 11.50 Lentils, celeriac, braised lettuce, morels and sherry vinegar Rillet of milk fed Rabbit and foie Gras on toast 8.00 Agen prune, girolles ala crème Lemon oil confit Mackerel 8.00 Wild garlic Potato puree, snail fritter with a summer salad of vegetables and a basil citrus jus Cucumber, Crab and Lobster 8.00 Coriander, lime and ginger with avocado and crème fraiche ice cream Mains Sashimi of Monkfish Tail with Rock Oyster Beigneit 18.00 Sauce vierge, regiano parmesan, basil, coriander and wild rocket Pan Roast Sea Bream 16.50 Bouillabaisse essence, saffron, red pepper, fennel and sweet herbs A Show of Jimmy Butler’s Pork 19.00 Roast fillet, confit belly, braised cheek, crackling, black pudding and bacon with pear and vanilla. Aberdeenshire Veal 19.00 Roast fillet, seared liver, Alsace bacon, braised lettuce, sarladaise potato and smoked Vanilla chicken juices Seared Fillet of Wagyu Beef 38.00 Oriental influence, beef shin dim sum and tea spiced with ginger Coriander and anise Shropshire Lamb 18.00 Israeli couscous, golden sultanas, aubergine caviar, shoulder lollipop, roast bestend and braised tongue Corn fed Chicken, cooked two different ways 16.50 Pot roast breast and confit leg barigoule of artichokes Lemon Scented Israeli Couscous with Sweet Herbs 13.50 With curried sweet potato and coriander jus Hand Crafted Focaccia of Roast Cepes 13.50 Nutmeg, spinach, gremolata, fried organic egg and summer truffle Sides 2.00 Mange tout Creamed potato wild garlic infusion Sweet confit young carrots Mixed lemon scented summer leaf salad Buttered broccoli New potatoes Desserts Peach Vanilla and sour Peach pannacotta fresh summer berries 5.50 Valrhona Chocolate Plate Perhaps for two people? 8.50 Alfonso Mango Kalamansi jelly, iced coconut and sweet creamed rice 5.50 Raspberry Soufflé, Sorbet, shooter, feuilletine 6.50 Fine Yorkshire cheese selection 8.00 King Richard 111 Wensleydale Hand made on the farm in Bedale, N. Yorks. Considered The best by a long way. Braffords Goat cheese From the Lowna Dairy in Raywell, East Yorks. Made in the style of Camembert and aged 3 to 6 weeks. It has a unique creamy texture and just a hint of blue flavour. Mrs Bells’ Yorkshire Blue Moist and delicate with a slightly peppery aftertaste. This ewe’s Milk cheese is made by Judy Bell in Thirsk, N. Yorks. Swaledale with Theakstons Old Peculiar Ale A Smooth moist semi-hard cheese which is best eaten young Between 2 and 4 months, with Theakstons and Old Peculiar Added Fountains Gold Wensleydale Made from rich Guernsey cows milk, from a Yorkshire dales herd.This luxurious firm cheese has a smooth creamy texture with a rich mature flavour With grape and granny smith, fig and pear chutney’s And biscuits
  19. i tried posting a menu on here last night for some reason its not working :S ... will keep trying people
  20. for the restaurant yes ... hopefully would be nice to start getting people to realise were open and doing some nice carefully thought out food, soon as we start getting busier we can put some more extravagent food stuff on the menu and think about doing the tasting menu
  21. feel very proud to be serving such an extravagance in my restaurant john farrar head chef at 23 Seared Fillet of Kobe Beef Oriental fusion, beef shin dim sum and spiced beef tea £38.00 As part or our aim to source the freshest and best possible ingredients at 23, we now include on our menu what is considered to be some of the best beef in the world. Kobe beef is a special grade of beef from (Wagyu) cattle raised in Kobe, Japan. These cattle are massaged with sake and are fed a daily diet that includes large amounts of beer. This produces meat that is extraordinarily tender, finely marbled, and full-flavoured. It is also extremely per pound. Today they are raised on only 262 small farms, most of which pasture fewer than five cows, and the largest of which run only 10 to 15 animals.
  22. basically put forward a dish of mine that we have on at the restaurant the show on jimmy butlers pork (pork farmer of the year ) a dish which shows different techniques of cooking and different cuts of pork just to show the versitility of pork and how under rated it sems to be , talked about my passion through the dish and then got called up last week to say ide be cooking in one of the 4 heats to get to the final on the 25th november
  23. will be held on the 23rd of november at the birmingham NEC so fingers crossed should be fun
  24. Seared Fillet of Kobe Beef £38.00 Oriental fusion, beef shin dim sum and spiced beef tea Seen as the most exclusive, best beef herd in the world and we at 23 have managed with much time and effort to get hold of some for you. “These animals are loved and nurtured. They are even fed the odd bottle of beer and massaged to keep stress levels down. As a result the end product - the beef - is absolutely amazing and you will enjoy every mouthful so much you will be craving another” says chef.
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