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  1. Yep it looks like this is the case. They require me use their "approved" insurer or pay £30 if I use a different company. What a load of ********!!!! I'm going to look into buying the freehold as soon as I can!
  2. Thanks. I've read the thread by Foxxx which was helpful. The freehold is owned by Coppen Estates at Hunters Bar.........not Estates and Management fortunately.....or is it??
  3. I'm buying a house and these things have come up with the leasehold - I'm waiting for a response from my solictor but if you have advice it will be much appreciated! The vendors have been paying ground rent for a neighbouring property as well as their own. This seems a bit unusual. Why would they do this and should I make it a condition of the sale that I only pay ground rent for my own property? It only a few quid a year, but I'm a bit supicious:suspect: The leaseholders have asked that I take out buildings insurance with a certain company. Apparently because they want to make sure it is with a reputable insurer. Again this seems a bit strange:suspect:
  4. Because I was hungry and the cupboard was nearly bare! And it seemed to be OK, didn't smell funny. It tasted a bit funny but not enough to think it was off
  5. That's not true. I wouldn't have risked if it was:hihi: . It changes the shape of your eye so you there would be restricted to wearing certain types of contacts but it wouldn't mean you couldn't wear them at all. As for opticians not having it done - well some have if you do your research - but remember they make A LOT of money selling specs, so they are going to want to promote spec wearing aren't they. There is a huge profit margin on specs, it's big business.
  6. It turns that it may have been a form of bottleism after all. A friend whos done some medical training said there are different strains of it and swollen cans are notoious for harbouring it.
  7. That's what makes me suspicious about the post. I know you can't expect things never to go missing but I've found it's ALWAYS things that have value, or look as though they might have value that go walkies.
  8. Hmm..have you noticed though how bills never EVER go missing?
  9. I had a problem with Paypal as well which is why I asked for cheque payments. I suppose I should advised for it to sent Recorded Delivery.
  10. I sold some stuff on ebay last week and three people sent payments by 1st class post on 12 April (two cheques and one postal order). None of them have arrived to date. All these people have 100% postive feedback and don't think they are all lying about when they sent it, so that means that Royal Mail has lost/stolen/misdelivered it:rant: A couple of years ago we had rental DVDs and Amazon stuff going walkies:suspect: We've also had parcels left on the windowsill for all to see. Are Royal Mail pants or what:rant:
  11. Oh my god! It might be an extreme case but it shows you should never eat from dented cans
  12. Yes that must be it. It tasted a bit funny but nothing major so I didn't think there would be any harm eating it. It's a bit worrying that I could have actually had bottleism from it so I suppose I should count myself lucky
  13. An optician told me that eyesight problems actually rarely cause headaches (and even more rarely severe headache). Although staring a VDU all day without taking proper breaks can do. The problem could very well be stress related. Stress always give me headache and this kind of headache is difficult to get rid of with painkillers. I would say try drinking plenty of water, exercise, always have breaks if you work at a VDU and go outside at lunchtime, and try to wind down properly before going to bed. If you don't do that I think you can EXPECT to get headaches. Oh, and never drink "diet" soft drinks, exp diet coke, very bad for you and they used to give me screaming headaches!
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