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  1. I just got a letter thru saying my Natwest student account was being upgraded to a graduate account. I get an interest free o/d of £2000, which goes down slightly after 1 year and down a bit more after that. hope that helps
  2. One veneer will cost between £400-£600 I'm saving up to get mine done
  3. I wasn't impressed with Beauty Care at all. But I've been to Sharon at Lashes Beauty and she does an excellent job and her prices are really reasonable. Here's her advert; waxing full leg - £12.00 half legs - £6.00 full leg & bikini - £18 Brazilian Bikini - £10 Hollywood Bikini - £12 full arms - £10 Forearms - £6 underarms £5 facial waxing from £3.50 eyebrows waxing £3.50 eyebrow threading 4.00 also....NAIL EXTENSIONS..FROM £10.GEL/ACRYLIC/SILK WRAP We also offer facials/manicures/pedicures/eye treatments (eyebrow tinting/eyelashe tinting) make overs! late night appointments available! please call Sharon 07731 333211
  4. Facebook is much better. Now they've added graffiti, videos, songs, ILike, slideshows, etc.. it's so addictive!
  5. Not in my world, I'm used to paying £1.10 or £1.50
  6. Not sure about a pint but Tequila on West St charge £2.80 for a vodka and coke. Ridiculous.
  7. People (especially women) gossip to feel better about themselves. By slagging someone else off or by taking joy from someone else's misfortune, that individual feels kind of smug that it hasn't happened to them. That's the way I see it anyway.
  8. I watch more porn than any guy I know. Strangely, my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind
  9. Hey I think I've seen your avatar on myspace, a moving version...
  10. I recommend avoiding Beauty Care on Sharrow Vale Road. I have a Hollywood wax done every 4 weeks and I went there when my regular salon put their prices up. She didn't do a good job at all and what's worse I felt like an inconvenience, because she was rushing. Very uncomfortable! Similar to when you go to the hairdressers and they ignore you, chat amongst themselves and try and get you out the door asap!
  11. Yeah I haven't beena member that long and I was surprised my name wasn't already taken. And I've since seen a few very similar to mine
  12. My advice is avoid Orange Broadband (formerly Wanadoo) We had a right nighmare with them.
  13. I want to go see them at Leadmill, but can't get any of my friends to come! It's only £7.50
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