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  1. looking for some like minded folk or individual looking to get fit with a regular walks. Happy to join a group if you are not doing 25 mile walks. any suggestions please.
  2. I have 2, one all together and working and 1 ready to put back together after a re bore, new pistons, crank grind all new bits ready to go on.
  3. more than happy to do it for you but it will be a nice car not a camper.
  4. Anyone up for a walk from the Sheffield canal basin along the tow path tonight. Meet at 7.30 Just turn up.
  5. Hi all. There is a few of us doing evening walks in Derbyshire (work in the day) we are doing the dams tonight if anyone wants to join us, there are only a few of us thus far. I can help with pick up in Sheffield if you need a lift. Just a few of us trying to get back in shape so its not a run or to hard. Please pm me with a phone number and I will call you. regards
  6. Hi All. Thanks ever so much for the info, v interesting, the Am ones wouldn't work for me due to work commitments, the Dronfield one looks good. The problem with a larger group is that it can turn in to a slow crawl. I was rather hoping to find someone like minded looking for the same sort of thing where we could go longer and quicker each time. I think I will give the Dronfield one a go. Again thanks for taking the time to post the reply's. Regards.
  7. Walking partner required, want to get fit and like walks in the country but on your own is no fun at all. used to be as fit as a fiddle but with the desk job its not easy to stay in shape. I work a busy more than full time job so cant do daytime, I am looking for someone to join me in the evenings. Any one interested please pm me. may be we can get a group of us together, I cant do the walking clubs they are all daytime when I am at work.
  8. Anyone out there know a good tig welder with lots of experience that is looking for work.
  9. Get one of the 4x4 mags, the on line deals are half the price you will get any place else. try silverline.
  10. lets Just point out what green lanes marked on the map are. They are roads, no different to the road you live on or drive to your place of work on. the only difference is that no one has surfaced them yet. It may be news to some but all roads used to be that way. And now,, some have been surfaced and some have not. You will also note that Sheffield council have decided to let all the roads go back to tracks , I only assume this due to all the pot holes they are not filling in. There is your answer, take all the unemployed getting money for doing nothing and set them filling the holes in the road and repairing the roads that have not been surfaced yet, aka green lanes. My 4x4 is taxed, tested, insured and all paid for by me going to work. Do folk honestly believe the bull that is told about so called green cars, its been proven time and time again that building new cars as apposed to keeping the old ones on the road is not green 70% of every land-rover ever made is still on the road, in comparison the closest to this is around 6% Just think how many cars this has saved from being manufactured. The worst polluting by far in the hybrid with its 1 ton of battery s. the lithium comes out of the ground 100s of 1000s of miles from where its shipped by road and sea to the far east where no one gives a dam that folk are dropping dead from the gasses created from processing the stuff,then its shipped to the other side of the world to be made in to battery's along with the tons of plastic from another part of the world. once its made in to battery's it has to be shipped again. don't forget the ton of battery's in a car took 25 tons of stuff out of the ground to make. Now we have a car that is close to 3 times heavier than an equivalent petrol engine version damaging the roads. And then to add insult to all this the battery's will last around 3 years, they will cost more than the car is worth to replace and no one yet can dispose of the battery's that are scrap. The maths has been done the hybrid is 5 times worse than a petrol car. consider the fuel that's been used shipping your battery round the world at 1 ton each. I can assure you that the ships and trucks are not running on battery's.
  11. Been there done that, never again. Stavros at Pickering total butcher, no clue can’t have a licence to practice, damaged my teeth. Clumsy oaf . fool, idiot I could say a lot more but I don’t think it would be printed. I have to assume he got his licence to practice someplace else, there is no way on earth he would pass in the UK . I would take him to court if he had not left the country. Still considering taking the practice to court.
  12. easy, answer the questions. you must be able to talk about yourself, what do you do, what have you done, what do you want to do. what do you like. no one can answer the other 2 for you,
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