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  1. Not a sequel to the Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis film... Anyone know of anywhere I could get my hands on a mannequin or a bust for a project? Don't really want to spend much on it if anything to be honest. Cheers
  2. What would people on here say are some of the best views in or around Sheffield? Whether its looking into town from the top of Shireclife, off Stanage Edge or even up Fargate at 5am as the sun is rising and noone else is around what are peoples personal favorites?
  3. Growing up... Can't be much older still living at the parents
  4. HAHA! Its not like i'm moving from greater things to Shiregreen... Its from Longley, not expecting Dore people
  5. Looking to move onto here shortly, anyone live there? Whats it like? Ever see any trouble? Cheers
  6. Thats what i heard aswell, but didnt look very open yesterday either
  7. Does anyone know when the curry house where the Stumble Inn on attercliffe used to be is open?
  8. Anyone know whats happened? Just coming home on bus from town and there was an overturned van and a car with a pretty dented front end at the bottom of the hill at the new junction.
  9. I feel im the only person who wanted a KFC after watching these programmes
  10. First post should have been mine but CJ left himself logged in. 33, 2 and 1 were the routes i said still had the old busses
  11. How did you find out how many toys r us are getting? hes right tho there are some saturday morning, best get your camping gear out!
  12. Whats the kick with rejecting perfectly valid ID in town? One week they accept my Citizen card but then the next they dont :S Surly there is somethign against this? I have paid 20 quid for my ID and its being rejected!
  13. Deal with nintendos is that they make hundereds of thousands at a time and ship them across from hong kong (or whereever they made), then when they start to run low they make them again this way they dont make too much stock, but the problem now is that they didnt expect them to all go at once and didnt start producing more until they recived orders. Meaning that they are still making them/shipping them across now!
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