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  1. A real 'extreme' sports person would at least try it? Do you swim with out armbands?
  2. my local shop has sold them to me and my friends before, even when we've been in our uniforms.
  3. I agree, pull out our troops, leave the americans to keep the fires burning as the locals now seem to be getting the idea if the recent days are anything to go by.
  4. My Dad's the boss in our house, its like the maniacs have taken over the asylum sometimes...
  5. http://www.kwik-fit.com/free-brake-check.asp there you go, Kwik-fit.
  6. I'm sure some of the tyre places are doing free brake tests, they normally do in the winter....nice little earner for them perhaps?
  7. seems the stuff is not 'off the shelf' either, takes quite a organised process to produce it, so really blows the 'accidental' infection suggestion out of the water. I see Putin's not commented on it
  8. check the break fluid levels too, but it sounds like the discs are buggered. Worth getting one of those 'free' break checks just in case
  9. His death has highlighted one fact, despite Capitalism the KGB have not gone away. Once he turned on his 'masters his days were numbered but at least their murky ways have increased public awareness.
  10. A fat bloke who does 1 nights work a year....is he John Prescott in disguise?
  11. its probably not the case however, a few weeks in the Northern whilst you're getting fixed up over Xmas might just save the poor bloke's life if the weather is really poor.
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