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  1. Hi Does anyone know if the Ridgeway Arms, Mosborough are having a bonfire night this year and if so on which day? I've tried calling but they never seem to pick up! Thanks!
  2. Hi Does anyone know of any bonfire/firework displays happening tonight around the Crystal Peaks area? They all seem to have happened at the weekend! Thanks!
  3. Hi Does anyone know of any humorous speeches/poems for a civil ceremony? Thanks!
  4. Hi Can anyone recommend a good dressmaker for bridal/bridesmaid dresses in Crystal Peaks/Eckington? Thanks!
  5. Hi My partner has an electric guitar and amp but does not know how to play it so I'm wanting to surprise him with lessons for his birthday. Does anyone know of a good tutor in the Crystal Peaks area? Thanks Louise
  6. ps you register and payonline http://www.speedater.co.uk
  7. I've been Speed dating and I'm not ugly or desperate or a single mum! Its a really good laugh and a great way of meeting new people. Like you most of my friends are coupled up so I don't get to go to places to meet people like I used to. Most of the other females there were similiar, normal single girls just looking to meet someone! You should give it a go, what you got to lose!
  8. Are there any good fish restaurants in Sheffield?
  9. Are there any good badminton clubs in Sheffield for beginners? Thanks
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