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  1. Spent my childhood The Dial House, although that was a club not a pub. Beautiful building.
  2. Oh cool. If anyone frequents the place could they tell him I say Hi and if he'd mind Pm'ing me.
  3. He's in in early 40`s and grew up in Wisewood / hillsborough.
  4. Thanks for that I'l take a look.Is there anything around the Meadowhall area ?
  5. I'm visiting Sheffiled soon and need ideas to keep the kids entertained. 4 and 2 years. Are there any indoor play areas etc.
  6. They have been staying with me in my property in Canary Islands. They don´t own their own property. They can stay for a short while with my sister. I´ve just found out that they have an online pin number with the council to bid for council property. Can they stilluse this?
  7. They are both British citizens that have work until retirment age in Uk and paid tax. (not that that means anything) They receive a state pension form the Uk. They have lived abroad for about 12 years. I think CAB should be their first port of call.
  8. My parents are currently living with me abroad but they need to return back to UK. Mum has health problems and whats to be back in UK. It very difficult for her here as they always need me to translate at doctors etc. The problem is that they don´t have property. Can they return to UK as homeless and where should they go for advise ? It´s a very worrying time for them and I really need to makes sure they get all the help and advise they need. Thanks in advance.
  9. I still haven´t been able to contact Vera. Does anyone have any new leads ?
  10. We didn't really fancy driving in UK. We're not used to the roads. The train seems ok but do you know if you can still use the shuttle bus if you have entrance tickets aready?
  11. I'm planning a day trip for 2 adults and 3 kids on Friday 26th June. What's the best way to get there ? Car not being an option. Thanks
  12. Can anyone help. We need to hire a 8 seater or maybe 15. First of all we need taking fron Norwood to register office in town centre and return. Then later in the evening need taking to London road and return. Can anyone quote or recommend? Thank you.
  13. Would just like to thank everyone for their help. Dad received his medal last week.
  14. My Dad was a bit later 1956 to 1958. Does this mean he will not qualify for the medal ? Lovely picture.
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