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  1. My uncle was quite well off so i knew it wouldnt be a cheap watch. Ive had a very good look into it over the last few months and i know they are fairly rare in the u.k Usually only ever in america
  2. I have been left a watch by my late uncle but watches arent really my thing. This being said i want this to go to someone who will appreciate it. The watch is a 1960's hamilton 600 super compressor. Are there any collectors on here that would be interested.
  3. Thank you all so much for all your advice. I'm still doing a lot of research into this so I can get the best puppy for my son
  4. Problem we have is no matter the breed everyone wants big money for puppies.
  5. I have been looking at those too because of how timid but intelligent they are but cost is an issue
  6. I have been looking at staffies and a very good friend of mine had one for years. Being boisterous wasn't something I was too concerned about is was more that my son like going nose to nose with people and the cat but I know staffies aren't keen on this.
  7. Hi all. My son is 6 and on the autistic spectrum and has developmental delay. We have a cat that he interacts with but obviously the cat doesn't want to play. We have been advised that dogs are very good at bringing kids with developmental delay out of there shell. I have looked into charities that help with this but the requests they get far out ways the funding they have. We are therefore looking looking for a puppy so we can bring it up with the cat in mind and my son. We have been looking at adopting a dog but after months of looking it's extremely difficult to find one that fits all the needs we have. We aren't too fussy on the puppy but obviously with it being for a 6 year old it can't be an aggressive breed. If anyone can help that would be amazing
  8. Sorry, I started the tread in 2006. I didn't realise it was that long ago. I work at the rotherham branch and have to say I love it there. Which pond at trowey are you wanting. The group of ponds I've fished alot. We used to fish the one at the top of the hill. I've tried fishing the one behind the pub a few times but nobody new who ran it. I live Barnsley way now so it's a bit out the way for me now
  9. Sorry its took a while but a lots changed in 10 years. Fished pretty much everywhere in south Yorkshire and now I work for fishing republic and reviewing for them too. I'm now accomplished in match, course, carp, pike, dropshotting, jigging, and now fly fishing for carp and pike. Amazing what happens in the space of 10 years
  10. I'm going fishing Monday on a section of river below a weir
  11. Sounds good. Thank you for the info
  12. think i've heard a fiver more as they want to make the kids licenses free so the normal license will cover the cost
  13. thats a shame. there were some huge rudd in there and a few pike so it was a very healthy water
  14. depending on the amount of food going in and the level it gets fished i'd say inbetween 2 to 3 years and they'll be knocking around 2lb. not many places with decent crucian that i know of
  15. if it was salmon or sea trout i cant see them going past oughtabridge. they'll pick a nice spot sit there nice shallow and gravelly around there
  16. people think fisherman have bottomless pockets be honest. i dont mind paying as long as the money is going back into the conservation of fish and better quality fishing. problem is there are lot of people cant be bothered getting a license (and i'm not just talking about foreigners) and get away with it. cant remember the last time anyone checked my actual fishing license. Do the EA actually check licenses and prosecute those that dont have them or just let the fisherman with a conscience buy them for the sake of it ?
  17. I said 1 of the reasons not the main reason. Main reason is I've totally lost interest in it. I'm going back to rivers and match fishing. I've done every type of fishing besides fly and I'll be doing that this year.
  18. if you want a proper chareacter then it has to be mark morris at our place. he does come across as if he talks alot of <REMOVED> but he knows his stuff and hes had the fish out to prove it. if your ever been in fishing republic in rotherham you'll know who i mean
  19. ive heard they wont be stocking it full stop as there not keeping the lease for it. might be rubbish but its come from 3 or more fisherman that come in the shop
  20. one of the reasons i stopped carping this year was so i wouldnt need 2 licenses.
  21. there some good size pike coming out of the sheffield canal around rotheram at the minute
  22. which bridge was this on. a good few friends of mine are fly fisherman. would love to have a trip down
  23. thats kjs up there which i have to say is expensive and manufactured. i'll have to have a drive down and see if theres any signs up. i used to get some huge chub from there
  24. thinking of trying the river at deepcar aswell.
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