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  1. After deciding to buy off internet saw a couple of dresses in a style etc for our wedding i thought i would just go and do trying on session at a bridel shop where i found my dress of my dreams and i have bought it. I even managed to get discount. I used berktex who have been around for many years the ladies were not pushy and were wonderful.x ---------- Post added 12-03-2014 at 06:10 ---------- I also had gitters buying off internet for my dress.x
  2. i have just booked my reception at little mesters on kelham island, its the same people who have to school rooms at bradfield its small but ideal. Also no room hire either.xx
  3. Hi has anyone bought off ebay or any other internet based company. If so could you reccommend sellers on ebay. I am on a budget and have seen lovely dresses on there but a bit scared some are chinease based, the other is light in a box.
  4. I feel we should fight for a livable wage, 6.32 or whatever is not livable at all.
  5. I think a lot of signs are tongue in cheek stuff, i love that cafe and love the fact that it is not like a city centre cafe or chained fast food where kids can run riot screaming. Hence why i dont visit these places
  6. I am wanting help, i am planning my wedding for next year. I know what style i want which is 1950's audrey hepburn style dress. But i do not know where to start looking, i am on a tight budget and not afraid to shop online, however i would rather shop on line and use a site other brides have used. Hope you can help me out. Thank you:)
  7. They have always been the same, we sometimes walk in the area but the prices are to high, they do attract a certain type of customer.x
  8. try the horns at bradfield, they have a room upstairs for about that amount of people and the views are great the food is really good there to, they allow you to decorate the room yourself though i thing they expected you to use their catering. However the views would be great for photos.
  9. well the work has not been completed and some of the flats that have are empty how can that deserve an award????
  10. As for as i know the guy did not finish he dropped out at the 14 mile stage. I to found the part after Hayfields awful, it just felt so so long and hard going. I had a good 10 min energy food and drink rest put my head down and did not stop walking until top of lose hill where i ran down to where it levelled out. The whole of my group and some friends put dry clean cloths on and went to the pub for food and beer. I will definately do something like that again, i never imagined doing 25 miles in 10 hours.
  11. Sheffield Shamblers hold regular evening walks if you click onto the forum and have a look, we have plenty of information. Also you can contact us the email address is on our web site. http://www.shamblers.org.uk/
  12. I think that's really bad of the schools, as there pitches are not used and it would generate usage of playing fields to local community groups. Hope you find somewhere soon.x
  13. there is hillsborough arena based in the park. Or try places such as goals. Whatabout local schools would they not hire out their footy pitches for a small fee??
  14. i have been through disaplinary procedure, i was suspended and left for a month for something that was accused of, if you have not been suspended from work then the chances are its not that serious they just need to investigate what happend. But if policy and procedure states you have to sign in and out when leaving the building then they see that you have breached that, worse case is first written warning. dont worry that is not classed as gross misconduct. good luck and hope you are feeling better.x
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