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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had children that go to Birley (my apologizes I don't know what they now call it. When I went there they called it community college and I don't know if it has changed.) Do you know if they are still doing pathways at the school and Asdan classes? It's just that I went to college today and was told I needed a GCSE English C or above.I always thought the Asdan Key Skills Maths, English and I.T were equal to GCSE but now at college I have been told they are meaningless. Thanks in advance
  2. Most definitely agreed.Its quite expensive to sell it was £10 for a spot and £1 entry. Luckily we got swamped before we could even unload the car and made it back in the first few minutes.
  3. Recommending chesterfield Twin Oaks to anyone thinking of carboot sales in the future.I went today to sell and it was fantastic the crowds of buyers are massive and there's plenty of sellers.I didn't get chance to get all the way around myself. Fantastic day out and great weather for a car boot
  4. Awww.I was on the tram yesterday and you are telling me I missed the local nut
  5. I went on Saturday.Who are they kidding? It's £9.00 for an adult ticket.I'll wait till it comes out and buy it at £9.00 and watch it as many times as I like.
  6. is the good Chesterfield one Twin Oaks? I just looked this one up but it said it hasn't been updated in a while so check it's still on going so I have no idea if it is still a running carboot.
  7. I had one try to push buying a phone (most likely stolen) so he could get some cash.When I said no after he constantly tried to block my way he demanded I gave him all the £10 I had in my wallet, so I said no and walked away and he tried to spit on me. Joke was on him, it was raining not like it would of made a difference if he got me.He then followed me to the tram stop to stare at me.
  8. jeez just to think I was only there the other day and got lost in that area I could of ended up there and not even known about this.
  9. hahaha well played sir, I tip my hat too you.
  10. Sorry I don't know, my name doesn't have the word detective before it
  11. there's loads of these all over youtube showing running through them like a video slide show
  12. I'd hold out for the new consoles, you are going to be buying him a 360 and by november he'll be wanting the new xbox
  13. I was in Playtime in town yesterday and over heard the guy who works there say September .... but new consoles come out November this year so will it be worth getting?
  14. lets do it! great idea! FATALITY A7X
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