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  1. My house is on the market but I’m currently weighing up my options for if I can’t sell it and decide to take it off the market and stay where I am for a few more years. I currently have an ancient back boiler in my property, which is situated behind an old gas fire in the dining part of my kitchen. I know that it’s not that efficient as it’s extremely old and there’s no thermostat – basically my heating is either on or off, with no variance of temperature - so if I stay I’d like to change it for a more efficient boiler, probably a combi so I could get rid of the water tank that’s in an airing cupboard in one of the bedrooms. I would then be able to get rid of the gas fire that it’s behind and just plaster the wall flat, which would give me more space. In addition, none of my radiators have thermostatic valves and the system needs flushing through (I know this as I have to bleed some of the rads regularly), so I’d like to have them flushed and put TRV’s on all radiators. I could also do with a radiator in my smallest room, which is tiny (about 5’ x 6’), as it currently doesn’t have one. It’s a 3 bed semi and at the moment I have 5 radiators plus a heated towel rail in the bathroom which runs off the same system. How much would a project like this cost? How long would it take and would there be much mess? Also, would the person doing this be able to remove the fire, or would I need to get someone different to do this? Kathryn
  2. Thanks guys that's really helpful! There's no end tape on the worktops, it's down to a kind of rough wood so not sure if that would paint and be an ok result, but will look into it. The worktop is grey with peach and cream flecks - nice! With regard to painting the doors, what's ESP? Oh, and I took the photos just after I'd washed up - when I have a viewing I clear everything away! Just wanted to clarify that I don't leave it looking like that when people are coming round!
  3. Hi everyone, Managed to upload some pics to flickr, so here's the link... http://www.flickr.com/photos/30371509@N05/ Any further advice would be greatfully received. Thanks everyone! A x
  4. Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately I can't afford a new kitchen - it's just out of the question. As for things like new worktop, sink etc., who would I get to do this? Would the shop I buy it from do it? Or would I need a workman to do this? Sorry about all questions but I've never done this before and am not exactly a DIY guru! Thanks!
  5. I only have a small kitchen with two base units with double doors and one base unit with a single door and drawer above. They are a really old fashioned pine style and I think changing them to something more modern will help sell my house (it's currently on the market). The worktops are also really old fashioned and they are chipped, plus I have a built in oven and hob that's not in the best condition. I can't afford to change the whole kitchen but am wondering whether to just change the doors/drawer, worktops and oven/hob - how easy is this to do? Are the doors easy to fit? How expensive would it be to do a/ just to doors/drawer and b/ to do the whole of the above? Thanks, Kathryn
  6. Excuse strange title but it'll make sense... I'm putting my house on the market shortly and just can't decide what price to put it on at. I've had it valued by 3 agents - 1st said £124,950, 2nd said £119k-£122,500 and 3rd said £114,950. There are already 2 houses on my road at £125k that have been on the market for months, so I definitely want to go a bit lower. I'm going with the 2nd agent as I negotiated a good package with them, plus they are selling the house I really want to buy, which may work in my favour. The house I want to buy is on at £129,950 and I can't afford to offer the asking price, or pay stamp duty, so the most I could offer on that is £125k. However to do that I will have to get at least £121k for mine, as I can only afford to pay a few k more than mine sells for. So my two questions are these: 1. What should I market my house at? Bearing in mind that in this market most people offer under the asking price, but at same time I don't want to put people off viewing by putting it on at too high a price. 2. What should my initial offer be on the house I want? Bearing in mind that until mine is under offer I won't truly know how much I can pay so don't want to go too high, but don't want to take the pee by offering too low. It's been on the market around 9 weeks with no offers. Thanks for getting this far! Looking forward to your replies with interest... Kathryn
  7. It doesn't help when you have a little one either. I'm a single mum to a 1 year old and feel ready to date again after being badly let down (to put it mildly) by my ex. I'm 34 though, so sometimes feel that most men my age are already paired off. Mind you, it would help if I actually went out, I suppose!!
  8. Thanks, they are a bit closer to me than the other one but charge more for the MOT! Are they any good, do you know (as in, will they rip me off?!!)
  9. I live near Richmond Road and need to take my car for it's MoT soon. It needs to be local as I have a young son who will have to come with me so we need to be able to walk home after dropping the car off then walk back to pick it up later. I used the Tyres place just off Mansfield Road/junction of Woodhouse Road last year but have lost the phone number - anyone know it? Or can recommend anywhere else in that vicinity?
  10. My back and front gardens are in a real mess, there isn't actually any grass in either of them as they are full of overgrown weeds (some about 5ft high), blackberries, rhubarb, the hedges need cutting down as they are too tall for me to reach etc. It was all dug out about a year ago but I work full time and have a 1year old, so just don't have time to keep on top of it all. I would like recommendations for a gardener to come and clear the whole lot out and prepare the ground for grass seeding, plus cut the hedges lower. Back garden is pretty large, approx 70ft long. No offence meant here but it needs to be a 'proper' company if you like, rather than an 'odd job' person, as there's a lot of work to be done and I want someone with the proper insurance etc. Any ideas? xx
  11. I'd like to get my bathroom re-done - suite ripping out, tiles taking off wall, re-tiling and putting new suite in. May well need to have flooring re-done too. My ex did the current bathroom and made a right hash of it! Can anyone recommend the best place to buy a new suite and also someone to fit it? Ideally not overly expensive as on a budget, but not a cowboy either. Thanks.
  12. I would like to re-do my kitchen and am wondering where to go to get it? Ideally I could do with somewhere that will come round to give me a quote and show me what it would be like on a laptop because I need an island removing, so I'd like to see it in 3d before I buy. I'd need it fitted too because I have no idea how to rip a kitchen out and fit a new one. It needs to be reasonably priced though as I'm on a limited budget. I've seen some nice ones in B&Q - anyone know what they are like and if their fitting is any good? Thanks, Kathryn
  13. Is there anywhere to get shoes heeled at Crystal Peaks, either in the mall or the market? Need to get a pair done tomorrow.
  14. I'm currently with Virgin Active but am about to cancel as can't afford the £41monthly fee, plus paying extra for the creche there skints me! Does anyone know of a decent gym, preferably with a pool, that also has a creche? My son is only 1 so can't come in the gym with me and as a single parent if I can't use a creche I can't go to the gym as I don't have anyone to look after him. I will mainly be going in the evenings and at weekends, so the creche needs to be open then, and I would rather not have to be in a contract in case my finances change at short notice. I live in Richmond but don't mind travelling to the gym. Hope someone can help! Any suggestions?
  15. I need to take my 1 year old for his first haircut but have no idea where to go because I have no idea about barbers. Don't want to pay much - any ideas where I could take him? I live in Richmond but willing to travel. Thanks.
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