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  1. Can't find a similar thread since 2009- so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a five day driving course in Sheffield or nearby? My son has been taking lessons and has passed his theory test so any pointers would be useful thanks. ---------- Post added 23-08-2018 at 10:26 ---------- Well this is a pretty useless thread- I haven't been on SF for ages and it definitely isn't what it used to be...
  2. Me too- though the extraordinary and the rabble sometimes mix and become a throng. Throngs are good.
  3. Ha ha- six years is a long time! I no longer live in the great city of Sheffield but visit often and sometimes get sent notifications from this forum. I was surprised to read my reply, did I write that? The sentiment still stands, and if I can defend my claim that Sheffield does not have distinct ethnic areas I meant in the context that Leeds and Manchester traditionally have larger Jewish populations than Sheffield, and therefore it may be easier to identify where those communities might be. As far as I know I'm still on planet Earth- though you are free to guess whether that may in fact be true or not. These days you never can tell!
  4. I haven't been on the forum for a while, but a post I put on just disappeared with no warning, or message as to why it had been deleted. It may have been contentious, but some indication as to why it had been removed may have been helpful- just for future reference.
  5. I lived in Wadsley for six years and loved its villagey feel. It had some good local shops and pubs and was handy for the bus to town or the car out to the Peak. The village itself has a variety of different housing- the Park Village being the worst in my opinion- a big development with no soul and thrown up houses. I think houses sell quickly because it isn't a very nice place to live- but others may disagree. There are lots of better houses in the area- I would have a good look around if I were you.
  6. I officially left Sheffield a year ago after thinking that I would never live anywhere else. I come back occasionally- last time I caught the train and the station approach was just as thrilling and lively as ever in the sunshine. I sat with some old friends for hours outside a café in the peace gardens and we watched the world go by, no one hurried us away. I saw a few people I used to know go past, then I walked back to the station via the Crucible/Lyceum. It angers me when people on here slag Sheffield off- it is and always has been, a beautiful city. What I miss most is the abundance of tree lined streets, the big open parks, the rivers and the hills. I miss the trip out to Ladybower when you get to Mosscar and get your first glimpse of Kinder. I miss the feeling of home, and the pride of being a part of 'my' city. I haven't moved far- but they don't have a local forum here either. Stop slagging off Sheffield!
  7. Went in the Mangla the other night- just as good and just as cheap as ever.
  8. Thanks Peggy- we did find a band who seem to be what we are looking for- good luck and thanks for the offer.
  9. We are looking for a good covers band to play at a party on 1st June- the band we had lined up have now retired! Ideally the band will have a wide range of tunes to play for a family audience- venue near to Junction 28 of M1. Any suggestions/recommendations will be much appreciated especially if they have a web presence so we can check them out! Many thanks
  10. We are desperate for a good cover band to play at a party on Saturday !st June- as the band we wanted have retired! It will be for a family audience so the band should be able to play a wide variety of stuff. The party will be close to junction 28 of the M1. A web presence of some kind would be useful- thanks.
  11. Hi Gloria- sorry to hear of your experiences but take heart- my house finally sold after a year on the market and I got a good price. I know people don't always want to hear this but I think the traditional estate agents are not value for money. I took a risk and went with Move and Save simply because you pay an upfront fee and they get your property on Rightmove promptly. I paid around £500 for the web-site, photographs and a board outside. You do have to pay the energy assessment on top, and there are some extras you can choose in addition but I found them to be patient with my enquiries and sensible with their advice. You handle viewings yourself and control the marketing decisions- but I liked this side of things. I doubt that I would have had more viewers if I had chosen a high street agent and I did get an offer after three months. However, this sale fell through due to a collapse in the chain lower down. I then made a decision to rent it out, but just when I had found a tenant someone else came along with a good offer quite out of the blue. I didn't take the viewing seriously as I thought the house would be too small for them- but by this time there weren't any other properties around for the price. Although the sale wasn't without its hitches it finally went through two weeks ago. I also used Move n Save conveyancers who were excellent and also great value for money. That's my experience- the right buyers came along at just the right time- I hope the same happens for you.
  12. I'm looking for one for my induction hob- we have a steel kettle at the mo but it doesn't whistle- so we have to stand over it as the hob is so fast when the kettle boils it spills boiling water everywhere! If anyone knows a good stockist let me know!
  13. I can recommend crucible lettings- a local company but friendly and efficient. As to areas with modern flats close to the University- probably the city centre.
  14. Help! Now one of my viewers from a few weeks ago has sold their house and they still want mine. What do I do? References are being checked on my prospective tenants- can I still back out? And if I do and the sale falls through then what will I do? I keep telling people they need nerves of steel in this game.
  15. Hi Northside- good to hear your news and hope the sale goes well. Don't want to put the dampers on things but my sale fell through just a week before contracts were due to be exchanged. It seems to be happening a lot. I had to put the house back on the market which was soul destroying and although I have had viewings and positive feedback none of my viewers had sold their properties and some were not even on the market so could not make firm offers. I could not bear the idea of the house being empty over the winter so took the decision to rent- we have found tenants straight away and I have a rental price way above what I expected. Although not what I wanted I couldn't bear the idea that another sale might collapse. I'm not prepared to take more risks until the market is vibrant again, however long that may take.
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