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  1. Can the organisers confirm that earthboy?
  2. I went, along with 5 other ex Roxy's Regulars. Gutted to say the least. Place was heaving and everyone was in high spirits but it just doesn't come close to how it used to be. The O2 is designed as a place for concerts so the place is so dark and kills any nightclub atmosphere. For want of a better printable word, the place is a sh*t hole. The carpet was disgusting and the dancefloor was horrendous. I suppose we were all expecting it to be a glammed up place these days but what a shock! Roxy's was a palace compared to how the place is now. We'd have been better served having a Roxy's Reunion at a proper club or at least get a team of cleaners in to clear up the sh*t on the floors. Overpriced drinks, no food available - not even a bag of crisps.
  3. http://ingeb.org/songs/onceinth.html crossing my fingers because i'm intrigued
  4. A fantastic and worthwhile cause. I've just emailed and offered my help. Wish I'd been aware of this project sooner
  5. I'm surprised by some of the answers on here. I actually assumed it was common knowledge that 6 weeks old was the time for the kittens to be rehomed. For as long as I can remember this has always been the case with any cat or dog I've had, along with family and friends. Don't forget that by this time the kittens have got extremely sharp teeth and sharp claws and can only serve to do damage to the mother when they're still trying to feed from her, even though they can feed themselves.
  6. http://www.samknows.com is the place to look for who provides what in your area - and more importantly, what speeds you can expect to get
  7. Better still, try Happy House at Manor Top. Awesome crispy battered ribs in sticky sauce
  8. Which branch of Nationwide was it? I've had some right run ins with the Eyre Street branch but the Hillsborough one beats them hands down. The company I work for uses Nationwide hence my regularity.
  9. Mouth watering at the thought. Have you got the recipe?
  10. There's no downtime with the switch ie BT is ADSL and down the phone line, Virgin is cabled and doesn't need the phone line so you could if you wanted to, have both running alongside
  11. I know you've probably tried all sorts of links and stuff but the closest I could come up with was the one below. Nnnnnnnneeearly similar. What kind of band was it ie rock, dance, etc? Cloud Cult - Transistor Radio Lyrics Cloud Cult Transistor Radio Lyrics. These are the Lyrics to Transistor Radio. ... I headed north to rain that turned to snow... I heard grandpa on mytransistor radio. He said, "Kid, its time for me to go, ...
  12. Am guffing as I giggle with this thread! Crop dusting!!! Awesome
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