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  1. Choc If the bike is road legal, taxed, insured and MOT'd then tell him to ride over to Houndkirk Moor or any of the ROW's over in the Peak and ride it without aggro or photograpthers hassling you However if it isnt all of the above then its an illegal menace and should be crushed Cheers!! Deepak
  2. Hello Dr GP Thats Dr because you are a doctor Exactly the kind of person I want to be responsible for my health care Ive looked at your website Its very interesting It describes how you are introducing great new services run by nurses Is this because a nurse costs less for you than another partner or associate or salaried GP? And so you keep even more of the profits yourself? Dont kid us GPs did very well out of their new contract but we are now being landed with things we never asked for like nurses instead of more doctors to increase your profits I dont mind you being business people but honestly If you think I need an ENT doctor please send me to one instead of a nurse on the cheap Oh but every time you send me to the hospital that costs you money too so you save all round Grrrrr
  3. Hi I need to find a big (4kg) haunch of venison for next week Its for a treat family get together so I dont mind paying for a good organic joint Ive tried the butcher on Sharrowvale but no joy Im sure Chatsworth would have one but I dont really want to go there at Christmas, its always stupidly busy There must be somewhere else Any ideas please? Deepak
  4. Hello Sorry Im not sure if its a footpath or a byway Im talking of the track that goes from the back of Forge Dam up to Fulwood Lane at Ringinglow It has recently been resurfaced with what looks like tarmac but I just cant work out why Its used by walkers and cyclists and gets cut up a little but is always passable so why would the council waste money on a new surface? Im also worried that they have used tarmac or road chippings with minimal foundation in an area of natural beauty if not a national park - Im sure its legit but seems a bit of an odd thing to do Deepak
  5. Still a mess and kids are now playing in there at night Its just horrible to look at
  6. Dont forget to check the deal small print With a lot of the agents in Sheffield (but not the rest of the UK) if they have your house on their books but you sell it to me after I see the link in your post here they will still demand and sue you for commission This is obviously totally unfair It is one of the many reasons I have no sympathy with these people and Im glad many are going to the wall They creamed it during the good times and made fools of us dont forget Deepak
  7. Whats going on with the Psalter Lane junction exactly? There is debate here that it will be closed to cars coming from Silver Hill/Ecclesall but I cant see this in the plans My main worry is the volume of traffic making the turn into Banner Cross CLose for the shop and now Brincliffe Edge for the 20 or 30 new houses Deepak
  8. I think the market is doomed and things must be pretty bad if dumbass two bob landlords need to use crummy posts on internet boards to cheer themselves up Good luck loser
  9. Here you go: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/65341-private-parking-companies-charges.html
  10. Actually this seems to sum it up nicely: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/65341-private-parking-companies-charges.html
  11. Dear Excel Thank you for taking the effort to post here - it is nice to see that you are not an anonymous company My point is that the legal ground upon which you issue fines is shaky to say the least isnt it as they are not 'real' parking fines as handed out by police or council wardens? You are a very popular company on the internet !! What would you say to the following: forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=24362&hl= http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/118813-excel-parking-ticket.html http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=25936&pid=229215&mode=threaded&start=#entry229215
  12. What kind of a bike? What will you use it for? How much do you have to spend?
  13. what do they have to do to get to the shed? can they just walk in or do they have do get through locked gates etc Deepak
  14. The site has been deserted for weeks now All thats there is a collection of ugly concrete pillars Its an eyesore It looks like another property 'expert' has gone bust Anyone know who it is this time? More to the point it really is horrible Can we expect it to stay like this or are there regulations about leaving 1/4 finished projects in this awful state?
  15. Unless youre a first time buyer in which case they are still stupidly high At last we have seen the Emporors new clothes Property prices are far too high and the boom is about to end spectacularly We are now at the beginning of the end of the boom - not the end of the beginning Did you see the report in all the 'clever' newspapers last week City centre flats in Sheffield are a wasteland and are 100% overpriced Yes the market is stalling but theres a long way to go before a policeman or a staff nurse can buy a nice house not a flat on the Manor this has to be how you judge prices - not what you can afford to buy with the council house you bought for 2p 20 years ago Deepak
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